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Sunday, 5 April 2015

Tic Tac Poe !

Emphasis on the Poe :D
Address this poem to a fictional character or historical figure.

Easy choice for me as I am also playing at Quoth the Raven's #43 Tic Tac Poe
My 3 chosen elements, bottom row, Stitching/Feathers/Lace

Ode to Poe
You may not know me, but I am honoured to know you.
Your dark, brooding brow, furrowed with years of pain and grief.
I watch and listen, hoping to see the real you...
wishing you had not had to suffer so,
yet thrilled by the words you would not have otherwise.

How magnificent your mind!
How much suffering in silence?
Did your peers feel your sorrow, as I do today?
What masterpieces would have filled the void 
if you had not bled upon the page for us?

So many questions I would ask you in silence...
You may not have enjoyed a life of simple pleasures,
but know this now...
You are loved still.


  1. WoWza !! Gina - that is one awesome poem and I love your creation. Wonderful. Thank you for coming over to play at QUOTH THE RAVEN :-D

    IKE x

    QTR DT

  2. Very nice. I always appreciated Poe. One of my friends likes to read "The Bells" at Halloween. He does a great job of breaking crazy. ;-)

  3. A bit of Poe is a wonderful thing. Lovely tribute.

  4. Looove! I think he might not have been so nice to know, with his 'poisoned pen' reviews and alcoholism, he must have been a very bitter man, but oh, such a great writer!

  5. I share your love! Great poem!

  6. That was wonderful and true and for so many of us... I hope the brooding sire of bled words is reading yours. ♥

  7. Fantastic poem Gina, a true heart felt tribute.

  8. Gina, the is absolutely incredible art AND poetry. I have read, then re-read your poem and will do so again. This is a magnificent piece of work. Kudos to you and thanks for sharing this on the Quoth the Raven challenge this month!

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  10. Gina, your poem touches on the sadness he wore on his face and also had the pain not been there probably the works now masterpieces would not have existed. A rather sad thing though for poor Mr. Poe but he is going over your poem with a fine tooth comb as he did his peer's work but finding no fault in yours! Maybe he has a smile on his face now:) I do hope so! Lovely art and poem! Thank you for sharing with us at Quoth the Raven this month! ~Nanette, DT~

    1. What an amazing compliment Nan! Thank you

  11. This was so goooooood!

  12. Such beautiful art, and what a lovely poem too. Thank you for playing along with us at Quoth the Raven this month xx