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Sunday, 3 May 2015

I'm Late, I'm late....oooh!

The crazy witch at the end of the road got a party invite in Spring, but was so busy "spelling" the month before that she forget to buy a new hat!!1

"Quick Mabel!" She hollered..."we need materials!"
and Mabel immediately shredded the Manthings shirts .
"Not quite what I meant" said the witch, "but it'll have to do"
and she cast a binding spell over the pieces.
The Witch had heard the weather in Partyland was still pretty cold, so she made a sensibly warm hat...but it just didn't say "Mad" or "Party"
"Stick a flower on it" quipped Mabel
and with a twitch of her fingers the witches hat had Horns...
And sparkling stars...AND a flower!!!
"Now "That" is a Mad Party Hat!" cried Mabel...
who promptly stole it and flew off to the party herself!

So that's my excuse for being late...and I would never lie to you....or would I 
mwahahahaha.... :D

So why not join me and fly over to Puddleduck Grange and check out the awesome creations of other "Mad Witches" :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Ha! It's brilliant!! I especially love the horns!

  2. Splendid dear friend, splendid !! ;)

  3. You had me at " shedded Manthings"! Mistress Evil you are a force!
    You turn a delightful dairy maid into a horny sparkly flower pedelled vixen!
    Thank you for giggles with my morning coffee! I hope you bask in this glorious May DaY! xoDebi

  4. Oh my goodness, this was just marvelous! Funny, inventive, MAD! Love the hat, love Mabel, love you! <3

  5. That had me giggling, you definitely got the mad bit off to a T Gina. Haha, Love it, the horns are brilliant.

  6. I love your witchy (it's like Robin Hood went witchy and developed an affinity for flowers). And I adore your horny hat... um, Mabel's horn hat, I mean. And her eyeballs are fantastic! I keep on looking at her, and wanting to go, "Boo!"

    1. I might have put a bit of Mabel in my contribution to the party. *CWS*

  7. You made me chuckle and love the way each twitch, or was it just you Gina, the wonderful witch(?) transformed some dare I say 'characterless' found cloth into a unique quirky awesome peice of art, stars, horns and blooming awesome, no wonder it was stolen to go party... Anyone/thing wearing that magical hat would just need to celebrate :)

  8. Adorable in patchwork. I like this whimsical spin on an initially sensible hat!

  9. Well now I wish my manthing had shirts I could shred other than black t-shirts with Harley Davidson logos. I don't think it would have quite the same effect as your lovely offering to the party! :D

  10. I love the evolution of this hat (This horns!) and I think Mabel simply suggested the hat *she* wanted to wear, and left you make it! You've been had!

    I share your love of torn shirts, though. Nice worn shirts are just wonderful to sew!

  11. Wow, this is brilliant, I love the horns, and hope the man thing didn't mind losing his shirts :D

  12. Brilliant Gina!!! You are so cute in the pictures! Love those horns!!!