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Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Bits and pieces....

Struggling to get back in the flow while hubby settles into his new work routine, which means my arting is all over the place(even more than usual).

Finished this A4 leaving card hubby wanted for the office(the white bits are actually glittery)

working on a delightfully soft doll..light as thistledown..

and changing this board book into...

this...which I can't show more of as it is for a guest DT post for October :D
lots of work to catch up on and a list to start, while trying to decorate computer room for Junior
(he got his puter plugged in before we could even re hang the door lol)
Busy busy summer :D XXX



  1. You are busier than a one armed DOOR HANGER! Soon they will only wonder where we are when it is SUPPER time.....
    I'm intrigued what your up to with the kiddy book! I will be Watching! 👀

  2. Busy, busy girl!!! Everything looks wonderful! Can't wait to see what happens with the children's book! Your son is adorable!