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Tuesday, 10 November 2015

My Blog ...the Crochet Widow....

Time really does fly when you are learning a new skill....
but I am trying to get back into some other crafting too...

 My DL works in a veterinary surgery and was embarrassed by the icky green plastic folder they had been using as a book of condolence for people to leave memories of pets that needed to pass on. So she asked me if I had anything nicer they could use.
*She knows me too well lol*
I just happened to have an A4 sketch book (good quality paper), which was crying out to be decorated...
Papermania Botanicals combined with Pollyanna Pickering images, a kitten stamp from Crafter's Companions Beatrix Potter collection...

 a budgie stamp from Joanna Sheen...
and a cute muddy paw print stamp from I've no idea where...
 finished off with a rub on "Best Friend".
She loved it ...and I hope it will help those who have to make those hard decisions for their best friends.

I have also started another Round he world journal with a group of arty FB friends.
We each have chosen our own themes...this is mine lol

 This is "Winter" for one friends "Seasons" themed journal...
and a portrait for another journal themed "Frida Inspired"

So I'm still around and crafting....
and no I didn't get turned into a Frog over the Holidays :D
Unlike this little witch...though she doesn't seem to mind at all :D
Enjoy XXX



  1. It seems you've been all kinds of busy... but in the best of ways. So that's good. Love the frog--but that's an easy one. And the them of your journal is fantastically inspiring! It makes me think of Red Veiled.

    I've missed you around the web. It was grand to see you at my blog and glimpse your cackling yum on Facebook. :-D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Been missing you too...guess that's where the frog came from :D

  2. This is a beautiful redo for the memories book! Such a lovely idea! :3

    And great crochet and art! Wow, you are always so busy!

  3. Scattering joy everyday your way! You truly do say so much with very few words! xoDebi

  4. You are brilliant!!! I hug "Ravyn" every day!