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Saturday, 16 April 2016

I is Peculiar...

Today's prompt for Magaly's Poetry for the Cruellest Month is

..............nuff said mwahahahaha.


Clowns are not fun.
Those who find them so are peculiar in my eyes.

Clowns are peculiar.
With smiling faces,
Their eyes speak of darker things.

Clowns wear rubber shoes.
Their costumes reminiscent of Hazmat suits
...easy to clean.

Noses dipped in blood.
Frills and pom poms won't distract my attention
from your grimace...

"Hello Kiddies...who wants to have some fun?"

Now I am not afraid of clowns *though my eldest was physically sick when he saw one as a small child*, but I do find them fascinatingly creepy :D

Enjoy XXX



  1. Yes, I find them creepy, always have! Loved the pics!

  2. Gosh! The first image cracked me up. I confess I had difficulty reading the rest of your post, I had to concentrate

  3. Yikes!! I have got goosebumps! Lovely work Gina :D

  4. I'm completely fascinated by clowns, too. It's the red nose, I supposed (dipped in blood, huh? No wonder they're so lively!).

    The is dark and delicious, Gina. It explains why so many people care little for clowns.

  5. Bwa-ha-ha-ha! I never thought about clown suits being so similar to hazmat suits, but you make an excellent point! Hysterical, and very reasonable at the same time. :D

  6. Smiling on the outside, it's what really is inside that is intregu good! Love your clown and I am fascinated by clowns! xo

  7. A little too creepy for me! LOL! But, I love your creations!!!

  8. Super excellent poem - I don't like clowns either... not afraid of them but really don't like 'em !!!

    IKE x

  9. I find them ever so sad if I'm honest. Loving the poetry!