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Friday, 27 May 2016

A splash of inspiration.

I wrote a couple of poems way back in 2004 ish while sitting watching rain speckle my window...wanting to be outside gardening lol
I'm sure I must have shared them before, but they fit the prompt so beautifully.

Cheer up it's raining!

Sparkling gems that please my eyes are on my window pane.
While others grumble, gripe and growl, I gladly welcome rain.
That delicate, gentle, caring kiss as first drops gently fall,
On lonely, parched and burnt Summer soil,
Ignored or forgotten by all.
Their soothing cool caress is felt by every curling leaf,
And stems and branches straighten now, thankful of relief.
The powder puffs of dust that rise to great each falling jewel,
Dance with joy and join with them to make mud, deep and cool.
While people scurry, hiding now as rain falls hard and fast,
The Flowers glow...
The Grass will grow..
And the Trees can smile at last.

(me paddling in my garden after a particularly wet spell of weather)

Winter Rain.

It just isn't the same,
Winter Rain.

In Spring the Rain is a joy to behold,
Washing away the mud and the cold.

In Summer the Rain refreshes the dry,
And leaves Rainbows glittering in the sky.

In Autumn the Rain helps fruit to swell,
And replenishes many a forgotten well.

In Winter, however, the grey murky Rain,
Doesn't bring joy...

It just isn't the same.

Our relationships with rain are very complex...well mine is anyway lol

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Oh Gina :D this is absolutely gorgeous writing :D especially love the comparison of rain to sparkling gems on a window pane. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D

    Lots of love,

  2. You know, my grandma used to say that one could measure a person's degree of witchiness by how much they delight in the rain. You must be as witchy as one can get, which explains my love for you.

    I can so relate with the longing for being outside (gardening) while it rains... And I, too, appreciate the rain in all seasons. Except in the freezing winter, when I just endure it.

    Nice leg, by the way! ;-D

  3. There is something magical about rain I agree. I've always felt a degree of disappointment when it stopped.

  4. Being a dry continent Australia welcomes rain in most seasons except when harvesting; but we take what we can! I liked the thought of trees smiling so here they always need a good laugh.

  5. I enjoyed these poems very much, I especially relate to the first as I await the rain to nourish my gardens and help them to bloom,,

  6. Beautiful writing. I love the first one most of all, and love the way the form works so well to underline the meaning.

  7. rain isn't the same in all seasons but after the hot summer it's as delicious as ice-cream...sweet, cool and soul soothing...beautifully penned...

  8. To dare to paddle in mud is liberating! Both poems are a celebration but your second made me consider how different rain can feel at varying times..

  9. I love the happiness in the first one., esp., smiling trees. The second does remind me that the rains are different just as our moods are different.

  10. Gina, you're so right. These two lovely poems fit the prompts beautifully. I enjoyed reading them.

  11. Rain is wonderful stuff. And there's joy in being inside looking out at pelting icy rain, knowing I'm snug & warm inside, knowing the mad dash through it to the letterbox will bring even greater rewards.

  12. Love your poems Gina! I love swimming in the rain, if it's not thunder and lightning outside! LOL!

  13. And "I gladly welcome rain" too. Your first poem reminds me of my childhood playing in the mud, and laughter in the air. :-)
    In the second one, you could have been talking about Finland especially the winter rain. It doesn't bring any joy when all we want is snow. :D Love both poems!

  14. Tropical rains and rain storms are all we get herein the Tropics, but I can well understand your angst bat winter rains

    Much love...