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Friday, 8 July 2016

Dancing in your dreams...

This weeks poetry prompt fro Dash of Sunny is
Still feeling a tad "dark and moody"and my poem twisted itself around.
I feel these little tags work well with whichever way you feel the prompt.

I am entering them into July's Dream in Darkness challenge

We'll Dance in Dreams.

Oh the dreams we used to share,
Floating , spinning, light as air.
Twirling, swaying without a care.

As darkness fell we'd close our eyes
And drift into a world of lies
Where isolation was our prize.

But as the light of day returned,
Into our hearts the truth was burned.
True solitude is rarely earned.

Yet we smile and hold each other tight,
And promise each with all our might...
We'll dance in dreams again tonight.

*feeling a bit old and grumpy...together lol*

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Whistles!!! This is absolutely incredible writing Gina :D especially adore images of "Yet we smile and hold each other tight, and promise each with all our might...We'll dance in dreams again tonight." Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support :D

    Lots of love,

  2. What beautiful rhythm this poem has. Even if all is not well in ones life to be with someone to share is still a great consolation and to dream of better times.

  3. Sometimes even the best of dance partners miss or stumble on a step or two. Yay for the music that keeps us dancing.

  4. Oh, the lives we live in our dreams! Your rhyme dances across the page. The figures on the tags are so fantastical. I love that they are made of game pieces. As a Tarot reader, I couldn't help but see them as court cards. The one on the left as a Page, the one on the right is a King. So inventive!

  5. Ah yes, those dancing days promised a romance that was not always true.

  6. Lovely Gina, most delightful..

  7. I love your tags and the idea of dreaming with our feet. However old we are we should hold onto our dreams and like another poem says - dance as if there is no tomorrow and like your poem says - dance in dreams again tonight. Great post Gina xxx

  8. so beautifully rhythmical...

  9. "dark and moody' has created a poem which celebrates the fleeting and joyous moments of joy and absolute love - of which we must treasure and brood over!

  10. Fabulous poem and loving the art work as always! I hope you have a great weekend!

  11. The poem (and the art!) made me think of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell...

    1. Haven't seen that one, must check it out :D

  12. What a lovely poem. I felt hope in it. Regardless how much we've lost, or changed or suffered - we can dream of better tomorrows. This is all a part of the dance of life. Good writing!

  13. The fruits of your shopping! I can only say, Rubber Dance(s) with optimism. Thanks for sharing with us a Dream In Darkness.

  14. I'm blown away by your poem! It speaks volumes that I can relate to ... Thank you so much for making these two tags with my stamps. How appropriate my company name is for this post :)
    Thank you for the great makes and link!

  15. Your poem says a lot! The dance of life! I love your tags! Big Hugs!

  16. <3 love <3 your poem <3 Did I tell you how much I lovvvve it? Fabulous tags to illustrate your words. Thank you for sharing it all with us at Dream in Darkness!~kim

  17. I so love the poem and am totally feeling your grumpy mood! This is so awesome to be able to create with paper and inks and words is a blessing you have! Thanks for playing with us at Dream in Darkness, Nan xx

  18. So fab seeing your awesome make using our great sponsors stamps. Loved reading your post (and that's a lot, coming from me). Thank you for sharing at Dream in Darkness.