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Thursday, 28 July 2016

When getting messy isn't an option...

Try digital art!
That's what friends kept telling me, so I thought it was time to get stuck in :D
I have all the graphic programmes you could want, but had fits of technophobia everytime I tried to use them.
A couple of days ago my very talented friend June Mac of Dezinaworld
shared some amazing free images (all her images are free of charge), and I found she has been running a weekly Cheeky Challenge

 Now you know I'm not shy at jumping headlong and wellied up into a challenge, so being half a year behind, I thought it would be a great chance to work on my digi skills.
Rather than just join in from now, I am going to make a Cheeky Challenge art journal :D
I already have an out of date A5 desk diary to alter...
 and the full years challenge prompt courtesy of June,
so today I have made my first 2 pages which I am going to print off and stick in the diary.

 Week 01 Rags/poverty/homeless

Week 02 Wildflowers

I have used a mixture(cos that's what digi collage is about) of images from Dezinaworld, Daisy Trail(serif), Itkupili images and my own photos.
I'll try not to bombard you with my new project lol, but I'm sure some will find it refreshingly lighter than my other projects :D
Enjoy XXX



  1. Ho wonderful. You have made my day Gina. I love the idea of a digital journal too. Great start my friend x

  2. The bluebells lady has stolen the glint in your grin. :-)

  3. Now what idiot said you had to lighten up??? As if a pink Frankinella wasn't enough!!! Just hope whatever's stopping you from getting messy isn't bad stuff.

    1. lol...supposed to be decorating

    2. So you're making your own custom virtual wallpaper huh???

  4. These are precious! The diary is going to look amazing when finished! I have never tried digital art! Maybe one day! Big Hugs!

  5. They are lovely! Is there any art you don't excel at?

    1. Haven't tried makrami yet(pretty sure I spelled that wrong) :D