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Friday, 9 September 2016

Travelling in Time...

I decided to show an old post for my 2012 World Sketchbook Tour.
I made it as a remembrance of my Dad who passed in 2010.
He always wanted to travel, and be outdoors, when he got the chance to travel to Aus on the £10 package deal that was where we went lol

"It's Summer Where You Are"

 As a child you played in meadows, walking miles, no use for car...just water and some biscuits, cos it's summer where you are!

 Hoping to travel around the world, like your favourite movie star...

 building muscles fit to swing through trees, cos it's jungle where you are!

 Taking chances when they come your way, your following a star.....cross the heavens to the land of sun, cos it's shining where you are!

 Teaching us to love this world, watching life within a appreciate the little things, cos it's a classroom where you are!

 Unhappy in a crowded place, you'd walk us oh so far.....

 to find a spot without a trace.... of motorbike or car!

 When to play...and when to rest...and not to wound or scar...

 to watch the bird upon the nest.....cos it's peaceful where you are!

                                 Though your grave is cold and this book you'll travel far....cos one thing I know for certain....
It's Summer Where You Are!!!
Still thinking of you...
With Love... As Always XXX


  1. You are a wonderful daughter ! Perfect memory book to treasure indeed! Such a kind and handsome man I see, thank you for sharing 💜💜💜

  2. Oh Gina, this is such a wonderful tribute to your father ❤❤ memories are such that are treasured by us forever. I am so honored that you shared yours. Beautifully done. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤❤

    Lots of love,

  3. What a special tribute this is. I enjoyed it so much. The pictures and drawings are so interesting as well. What a wonderful relationship you and your father must have had.

  4. I love seeing this again, feeling your love for your Dad, traveling with you down memory lane... ♥

  5. treasured moments so lovingly captivated...beautiful art work too... "cos it's shining where you are!" the most delightful line i've found here...may it be true for all....

  6. Ssh! Gina. Let's keep quiet on how great Australia is! What an outstanding tribute and memorial to your Dad. (PS. I'm a £10 Pom too!)

  7. What wonderful words and pictures in your incredible memory book, loved looking at the details and feeling the love you have for your Dad. Hope you are having a great weekend. xxx

  8. Gina, this is an absolutely beautiful tribute book to your dad. Fantastic memories and photo's and I would love to have known him, i can tell he loved nature. I love the accompanying artwork, its fabulous. Hugs June x

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  10. What a gorgeous post - i believe that summer was passed on - and when someone shines so bright - yes they are always summer.. you are a very talented illustrator as wells poet

  11. What a beautiful tribute, Gina! Love both words and illustrations; a really brilliant idea the sketchbook to preserve these wonderful memories.

  12. Luv your picture story; thanks for sharing

    much love...

  13. Gina, such a beautiful tribute!! I really love this! So touching! Your dad is smiling! Big Hugs!