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Friday, 2 September 2016

Since you asked...

This weeks Prompt from 

My Word is My Bond

In this world of many cares
it's easy to lose track
of things that are important,
And you may never get them back.

My home is filled with treasures,
In my garden Magic grows,
But there's one thing much more precious 
than the rarest of all those.

"Honesty" is palpable within
these dusty walls.
For without it things like "trust" and "love"
cannot exist at all.

So when some one takes the time to ask
"What's important in your life?"
I simply tell them "Honesty"
*but my husband says "my wife"*

(:D Sorry ...couldn't resist that last line :D)
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. Honesty is really most important and as I was reading this my mind imagined the Honesty plant that has those unique disc like seed pods. It is always good to see humor put in poetry!

    1. Me too...was shocked to realise I didn't have a photo of one to use as one grows outside my front door :D

  2. Whistles!!! πŸ’œ❤ This is absolutely profound writing Gina :D especially love '"Honesty" is palpable within these dusty walls. For without it things like "trust" and "love" cannot exist at all.' Sigh.. I think i am gonna hang on to that for all times to come. Beautifully executed. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support πŸ’œ❤

    Lots of love,

  3. And the fact that you couldn't resist the last line is one of the things that makes me love you, my Gina.

    I hope you read this one to Patrick... aloud. ♥

    1. And the expression of the girl in your drawing is just perfect.

  4. As someone who enjoys rhyming, I loved your poem, Gina. Also enjoyed the art! Thanks for sharing your talents.

  5. I love this poem and I agree. Without trust we cannot feel safe in our relationships. Laughed at the last lines, how wonderful your husband feels that way :-)

  6. I love this Gina!! And, I really love the last line! I agree honesty is very important!! Big Hugs! Love your girl!!!

  7. A wonderful piece and a fantastic poem to go with it.

  8. awww i wished to put many more w' love your last line, a true light giving this poem a delightful radiance :)

  9. A loving wife with an ever lasting smile for sure, Gina!


  10. I think both are honest answers --and i agree what counts within the walls is how it seems part of the magic and treasures (for me at least) too :) A good word and bond

  11. Love the gorgeous piece and adore the poem. So clever and so true, all of it. Hugs June x

  12. Had to drop by and let you know my husband asked how you are! Of all the ladies I go on about he asked how the English lady in the hood was! Awe!
    But he never notices when I dye my hair! Oh well! Xoxoxoxo

    1. Aaaaw how lovely :D Tell him I'm doing fine thank you XXX

  13. I'm glad you couldn't resist.... love both lines