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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

For whom the Bells toll....

This weeks Prompt from 
A Dash of Sunny Halloween Special

Moon Daisies pt 8 Our Kind of Flower.

"Toss a coin." suggested Mavis helpfully.

"SERIOUSLY?  You'd make a life or death decision on the result of a game of chance?" blurted Stewie, far from his usual calm and collected self.
"There are things out there waiting to eat us!" he practically screamed back at Mavis.

"Don't you think your overthinking this?" asked Abigail. She was getting cold and bored. It seemed like hours since they had heard the Bells singing under the trees. They were no closer to making a decision and the Sun wasn't showing any signs of wanting to rise.
"Shouldn't it be light by now?" she asked no one in particular.

Mavis and Stewie pricked their ears and looked out into the darkness.
"Yes it should" said Mavis quietly.

"What day is it?" asked Stewie with a hint of dread...

"Don't know." said Abigail, "...sort of lost track of the days, what with all the distractions." and she nodded her head towards Mavis.
"My mind is a bit fuzzy..., but I remember it was half term break...and there was a party coming up."

Mavis and Stewie looked at each other...then back into the darkness....then up at the massive...shimmering moon....


"THAT'S IT!...I'm off...!" Abigail snapped and stepped off the porch onto the gravel path.
But instead of running towards the gates that lead to  the street, she turned and sprinted across the lawn, in the general direction of the Bells.

"WAIT FOR US!!..."DON'T LEAVE US HERE!!" Stewie and Mavis cried as they sped after her.

The tree line had never seemed so far away in daylight.
Abigail was fully focused on the tiny lights she could now see ahead.
"Please don't let them be Daisies" she half prayed to herself, gasping for air as her lungs tightened with fear.

"My goodness she can shift!" called Stewie as he hurtled onward...

"Jump on my back Stewie!..." called Mavis, "Your too near the ground for comfort."

Much as Stewie was proud he wasn't going to argue. The ground wasn't his natural choice of environment...even without Demonic Daisies. He leaped up onto Mavis' back just as she remembered she had wings...
As they sailed upwards, they noticed the slithering tendrils racing along the lawn, squealing and snarling and sprouting flower buds as they passed.
"QUICK!" screamed Stewie, "They're after Abigail!!!"


"Do you think we should help them?"
" it not our duty to help others whenever we can?"
"But shouldn't our allegiances be with our own kind?"
"Even if Our Own Kind are behaving monstrously?" 
"The Pink one smells of Violets.... maybe it is one of Our Kind?"
"...and the Green one is covered in Daisies...."
"Let's call them over for a quiet chat."
 The Bluebells chimed in their gentle, beckoning manner.
"If they are not Our Kind they won't hear us anyway.


Abigail was just nearing the tree line that began the area known as "Dead Man's Wood" when she noticed the stinging in her heels. 
She squealed in pain and felt herself stumble towards the venomous hissing Daisies that had ensnared her.


Mavis swooped down, and Stewie grabbed Abigail by her hair. He knew he wasn't strong enough to lift Abigail, but he was a master at flinging things long distances...and he planned on doing just that with Abigail!

As she screamed in pain, Abigail found herself flying through the night sky towards the woodland...before landing in a confused and crumpled heap in front of a line of startled Bluebells.

"It must be one of Our Kind, but I've never known one respond so quickly when called."
"Don't worry Cousin Violet, the Daisies won't come here. They prefer open ground to the cover of trees.
Will Cousin Meadow and the Squirrel thing be joining us?"

"Cousin Meadow?" queried Abigail, "Do you mean Mavis?"

At that moment Mavis landed gently beside her, and Stewie jumped down, ready to snip the head off any floral fiend that went anywhere near Abigail.

"Pssst...Abigail..." Stewie whispered. "You know we are in "Dead Man's Wood" don't you?
Maybe chatting with the plants isn't such a good idea..."
"Maybe we should all calm down." said the tallest Bluebell.

"We understand you're upset, but you shouldn't judge all Floral Life by the behaviour of those particular Daisies. You are safe from their snapping teeth here."

"Look.." said Mavis, "We may be safe from "Those Daisies", and Stewie and myself are more than happy to linger here til light...but a place called "Dead Man's Wood" safe for Abigail? She is after all a "Man" of sorts..."

"Really???" the Bluebells seemed rather confused by this statement, but remained calm and charming as is their way.
"We are sure your "Abigail" will be just as safe as you here,"

"One question...." added Abigail, "Why is it called "Dead Man's Wood"?"

But that is a story for another night mwahahahahaa
:D see you soon!


  1. Love this Gina. Love your writings. Bluebells are my favourite flowers. I once wrote a poem about them. something i should go back to also, i miss writing. xxx

    1. June you so should! Dash of sunny is a lovely site where lots of writers form different backgrounds work to a theme each week. No pressure to join in, but a good place to start :D

  2. Ahhhh, Gina, you are such a tease! What a dashing rescue! I will be waiting for the tale of Dead Man's Wood!

  3. Whistles!!❤️❤️ My God this was good Gina! I was absolutely mesmerized right from the beginning to the end. Now all I can think of is why it's called "Dead Man's Wood" sigh beautifully rendered. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support ❤️❤️

    Lots of love,

  4. You've planted my sort of word-garden. How I adore the tone of the inhabitants of Dead Man's Wood! And the motifs crawling within the paragraphs are timely and needed. Love it, Gina! ♥

  5. Sigh! Another bedtime tale to dream on! Love your stories!

  6. I want to know why it's called that now!

  7. I have always thought of bluebells being more secretive than open hearted, sunny daisies but what do I know?

    1. What do we know indeed....more will be revealed at Halloween ;)

  8. Ahhh!!! Come on Gina!! Not fair!!!!!

    1. Already written and scheduled for monday mwahahaha :D

  9. Such a engaging and well written tale. Like it!