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Friday, 7 October 2016

Not so Happy Birthday...

*warning...tissues may be required*

This weeks prompt for 
A Dash of Sunny

Personally I love my solitude...
I would be quite happy sitting alone on a hill top
 til I starved or froze to death.

But those with more troubled minds can spiral into darkness
and depression if left to their own devices for too long.
Now I am no "expert" in such matters...
but I do have a child with  such issues...
especially on days like today.

It's his Birthday...
he should be the centre of attention, but he can't cope.
So I will tread carefully and eat cake
(and bake a pumpkin pie which he always says he likes)


*sings* "Happy Birthday to You!..."

"Happy Birthday toooo You!"

*says quietly* "happy birthday dear Zaaaa.....aaaac..."
"Shut UP!"

*whispers* "happy birthday to you....."

Well I'm still glad you were born!

Cos 5 minutes later...


The joys of motherhood come at a price
which I gladly pay daily.


  1. Happy Birthing day to you dear Gina. You're a great mom to not only know all of these things about your boy but live all these things as well. Not always easy but always a must with our specially designed loved ones. xoxo Oma Linda
    whispers....Happy Birthday Zack

  2. happybirthdayzac... I say it softly and quickly. You are a very loving and understanding Mom.

  3. Hope you son has a lovely birthday

    much love...

  4. Awwww!!πŸ’–πŸ’–this is such a beautifully tender and emotive write, Gina. I agree, solitude certainly does not prove to be very fruitful as those with "troubled minds can spiral into darkness and depression."

    Nevertheless, you are an incredible person and a loving mother to Zack. Wishing him a very happy birthday πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰ and loads of love and best wishes. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support πŸ’–πŸ’–

    Lots of love,

  5. A nice reminder that some of us enjoy different things, and that's OK. Loving and understanding hearts can bridge those differences. <3

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this with us Gina. Bless you too for understanding Zack so well and for loving him.

  7. And that wee smile makes it all so much better. *sniff, sniff*

    Hugs to your precious boy. And a tiny hug for you. :-)

  8. Happy Birthday Zack. He has a great smile! Gina, you are a great mom, to know your son so well! Love, hugs and blessings to the both of you!

  9. You have your gorgeous boy sussed and you can see in his face he loves you for it. Happy day to you both xxx

  10. You ride the vibes masterfully Mum! Happy days and blessings! Zac!

  11. I think I fall into to the trouble mind category but you make me feel that's ok! And happy birthday to your son..hope you all had a lovely day ;)

  12. touching write....I wish everything best for you....!!

  13. Most affecting! All the best to you and your son as you celebrate his birth month...*Hugs*

  14. Ah - sending him Happy birthday wishes, I hope the day hasn't been took difficult for him and I'm sure the pumpkin pie will have made a massive difference!

    Hugs to you all!

  15. A touching ode to celebrate your son's birthday,,,special care for special people,,