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Friday, 21 October 2016

Smelling the rot...

Tis that time of year again...
The theme for Magaly's
 Witches in Fiction 2016

Magaly has been a tad unwell, and I know how much she loves Moon Dasies...
so I have decided to continue telling the story of 
Mavis, Abigail and Stewie's adventure in a very rotten garden...
*if your new to the story you can read the previous instalments here


"I have to say I'm most impressed with your speedy recovery Mavis" said Stewie as they crept along the veranda at the front of the old creepy house.

"Thank you" replied Mavis, "You're not doing so bad yourself."

Abigail eyed the pair suspiciously, waiting for Stewie to bite at the obvious sarcasm in Mavis' comment.

"Fair play to you Mavis... but I am being quite serious. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting such a positive outcome after discovering you had eaten all those Daisies. I am pretty sure their vicious toxicity would have killed most creatures."

"Most creatures don't have the determined digestive system of a Sheep." was Mavis' aloof response, and Abigail thought it best to change the subject.

"Your Butterfly Wings are a particularly lovely side- effect, and so useful."

"Yes they are pretty awesome aren't they?"

"Not sure that they go with the fangs though." chipped in Stewie.

"Back to the job in hand I think." said Abigail, as they had reached the gap where the balustrade was broken.

"So... the plan is to wait for the sun to come up...then run down the gravel path to the road as quicky as possible..." said Stewie. "The whole point of gravel paths is to stop the weeds coming up, so we should be safe enough."

"Why wait for the sun?" queried Mavis.

"Why not? Do you have a problem with the sunlight?" jibed Stewie.

"Noooooo....just in a hurry to leave this place!" replied Mavis.

"She does have a point Stewie." Abigail joined in, " Why wait?"

"Because..." said Stewie, "...we can't see if anything is trying to trip us up in the dark...that's how hunters get you... setting traps in the dark patches. Trust me... I'm a prey animal...this is Kindergarten stuff!"

"Sounds reasonable." said Abigail.

"Fine by me then." said Mavis, and all three peered out across the lawn, watching for the slightest movement in the shadowy darkness.

Mavis' senses were still a lot sharper than they had been before her "conversion", and she was again hearing something strange.

"Now I don't want any flippant remarks..." she said, looking pointedly at Stewie, " but can anyone else hear ringing? Like teeny tiny bells?"

Abigail and Stewie strained to listen....

"Ummm....yes actually." replied Stewie.

"Me too" said Abigail..."teeny tiny tinkling bells...coming from the tree line I think."

"And is it just me....or are they playing a tune?" asked Mavis.

"Again... I would have to agree." Said Stewie...

"Show Me the Way to go Home ???" all three said simultaneously.

"Now we just have to decide whether they are being helpful or sarcastic" commented Stewie.


I feel there may be another instalment shortly...
sleep tight
don't let the Daisies bite
mwahahahahaha....:D XXX



  1. A nice story about Daisies and little things wandering around at night... thanks for sharing the story with us!

  2. I think fangs and butterfly wings are the perfect combination. I'm glad to see the adventures continue :D

  3. I think fangs and butterfly wings are the perfect combination. I'm glad to see the adventures continue :D

  4. Lovely combination of wit and sass in this extraordinary tale ❤️

  5. Replies
    1. Loving the little knitted characters :-D xx

  6. So cute! I'm new to the story but I'm definitely going to catch up
    On it.. I love it already!
    Thank you for stoping by!

  7. Oh you sweet story weaver, this is just the ticket. Love the daisies and their antics. xoxo Oma Linda

  8. Love the lightheartedness of the Moon Daisies. I need to catch up on their previous adventures to see how far they've come. Winsome:-)

  9. Stewie is such a delightful bastard, isn't he? And Mavis is my wicked heroine, as always. I love how Abigail tries to keep her friends from tearing into each others' throats, well all need friends like that... especially when fangs and daisies with questionable appetites are involved.

    Gina, thanks so much for this gift. You know how I love this series! Can't wait to hear more of the song... Muahahaha! ♥

  10. Such a lovely and sweet story Gina!

  11. I just love the adventures of Mavis and pals! :D Yes, there definitely must be another instalment! Those "teeny tiny tinkling bells" have me intrigued...

  12. Fangs and butterfly wings! Lethal beauty combined with a sharp wit. So glad the story continues. Seeing your header reminds me just how much I love your art! Thanks for being creative you!

  13. What a wonderful story! I haven't read the others but this was such a treat, I'm off to read the rest. Thank you!

  14. Love the continuing twisted and totally terrific tale, I feel the healing power of a good story combined with daisies (and fangs, and wings of course) and right now I think I hear a tune, just faint, but starting to get louder, do you hear it(?) I think it means a change is coming, I think the healing starts with others caring and this story, these characters were a great way to show it Xox

  15. Lovely, grand and elegant, too

  16. Hmmm...I wonder what is going to happen next?? I love this story! Keep it coming Gina! Big Hugs!

  17. After visiting everyone for Magaly's Challenge, I will come back to read the previous pages! I like Mavis! I want to know more...and more to come...

  18. I'd like fangs and butterfly wings!