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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Continuing the Journey...

After studying Tam's "Happy Traveller Class" last month
I really got inspired and got back into art journalling.
I made these 3 pages(A4 cold press watercolour paper)
Then I got a bit more "ME"
and my next page took a bit of a creepy turn...
 as I got to thinking about all those people out there teaching "Love" but allowing (or even encouraging) their followers to be hateful to others because their work is similar.
 But then I pulled back the more gentle aspects for a while...
 though she did look just a little sad.
 My pieces are led not by politics, but by the expression of the face I draw to begin with.
Yes maybe it is my subconscious guiding my hand...maybe not. 
 But my Mad Hare self couldn't help trying to cheer her up :D
 ..because she is beautiful just being who she is...
 and if that is being a little sad now and then...that's just fine X

On a lighter note...I just looked at my pages and realised I have made each page to a different element lol
Guess I'm pretty good at being "ME"
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. I love them all. But the one with your extra special touch is my favorite.

  2. You capture expressions beautifully xxx

  3. Truly love them all! I am so happy you are good at being you!! Never change! Big Hugs!