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Friday, 4 November 2016

Scarier than Halloween....

is the idea of batch making Christmas cards!!!
So this year I bought a kit from Hunkydory...
made up of 4 compete kits(cardstock/inserts/ toppers)
cos they were at a mega sale June.
My intention was to make a pile of cards up ready to give my MIL 
so she didn't have to by any. She likes larger card and they 
get quite expensive 
(and she always asks me to make some 2 weeks before Christmas)
 I shy away from kits as I don't like being told what to do...
but with such a large quantity of "stash" it has proved quite fun.
 I have made some sticking to the rules ish, using the matching base card and toppers,
and adding matching inserts(MIL loves an insert)
 and then I made some small ones just using blank cards and a single topper :D
 2 cards made from same topper sheet.
 Then I played a bit more...
using the inserts to cover fancy cut cards
 Before adding matching toppers :D
It would appear I have conquered my fear...
this is just todays batch!
BTW I also added a sprinkling of glitteriness to each card
though you can't see it on the photos.

Have Fun :D XXX



  1. STOP! your being possessed! Hahahahah, great job as always! I like the ". Rogue" ones the best! Cards & Kindness go hand in hand! xo

  2. Wow they are fabulous! I make mine in January the easiest and stress free time to do them!

  3. Awwww!! Gina, so beautiful!!! Love!!!

  4. I couldn't help roaring at this one, LOL!

    It seems you'll be having some card-making-fun. Weather you like it or not... If not, they will bury you.