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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Pre Party Nibbles...

I haven't done any writing for a while now,
 but one thing that is guaranteed to get the juices flowing...
This February 14th is the 6th incarnation of this annual event,
and time for me to continue my
So today you can read part 10 with part 11 to follow on the 14th.
*you can catch up at the above link*

Moon Daisies pt 10: Time for Nibbles

Getting back to the house was much easier than the journey to Dead Man's Wood for Abigail, what with Mavis' new found ability to fly.
As the pair soared over the furious Daisies, they stooped to pick up the hapless Stewie (who it should be said, was making excellent progress under the circumstances)
For reasons best known to herself, Mavis had decided to re enter the creepy old wreck of a house via the attic window, prompting knowing, sarcastic glances from Stewie, and mutterings about "rafters" and "nap time".

"ACTUALLY..." started Mavis..." I just thought the higher up the building the further away from those dastardly  Daisies. We know they can't enter the woodland, but we don't know if they can enter the house!"

"Point taken" said Stewie, and Abigail nodded quietly in agreement.

"You look cold deary" said Mavis, noticing how pale Abigail now looked.

"I think she may be in shock" noted the ever practical squirrel..."it has been a particularly stressful night. Maybe a nap isn't such a bad idea."

The three friends huddled together in the farthest corner of the attic amongst a pile of old curtains, and surprisingly quickly, fell fast asleep.

When she awoke a few hours later, Abigail couldn't shake the uncomfortable feeling left in her by the story the Bluebells had told .
How heartbroken that father must have been on finding his child so cruelly killed.
No wonder he still roamed in his anger and grief.
If only she could find a way to let him know what had really happened.
Maybe he would rest in peace, leave the land and the Daisies would go back to being just pretty flowers again.

She rubbed her eyes awake as Stewie came back into the room. Squirrels don't need much sleep, and a quick power nap left him eager to check out the "Daisy/House" situation.

"All far as I can tell." he announced to the still drowsy pair. " I think they seem afraid to actually come in...though there are plenty of them all along the edge of the gravel path."

"Well I think I will go down to the kitchen and see if there is anything interesting to eat" said Mavis.

"Anything except Daisies?" quipped Stewie, and even Mavis allowed herself a small giggle.

While Mavis checked out the kitchen cupboards, Abigail and Stewie went back to the library.

*Abigail's earlier visit to the "Wing-backed" chair*

"I don't know why...but I feel so much safer in the big wing-backed chair" mused Abigail as she climbed into it and picked up a book from the side table.


"Vampire...." whispered Stewie.

"Yes's just spelled Vampyr in this old book" continued Abigail.

"No....Vampire...." repeated Stewie.

"Yes... I understood you the first time" Abigail laughed at Stewie, and waited for him to jump onto her lap, but he didn't.

"Noooooooo.......chair!!!...Vampire Chair!!!"

Abigail looked over her shoulder with eyes the size of saucers to see what Stewie was pointing at...

The "Wing-backed" chair Abigail found so comforting was in fact an ordinary chair...without wings.
She had actually climbed into the lap of the chair's occupant with large leathery wings...and fangs... and a very sad expression as he slept silently.

Abigail very quietly crept down from his knee, put the book back carefully, and joined Stewie as he backed out of the room. But she couldn't tear her eyes away from the sad face.
She even thought she heard a soft pitiful whimper come from the large creature as they crossed the threshold and ran to the kitchen and Mavis.

"OMG!!! .. OMG!!!... OMG!!!" Mavis squealed as she jumped up and down excitedly.

Stewie and Abigail glared at her "Seriously?" they asked in unison.

"Yes...CHOCOLATE BISCUITS!!!!" squealed Mavis again..." a bit dusty but definitely edible!"

"We tell you there's a big Vampire in the library and you just go on about biscuits!" snapped Stewie.

"CHOCOLATE biscuits..." repeated Mavis with such emphasis that it left no room for debate.

So they sat eating chocolate biscuits, eyes turned towards the doorway, just in case.

"That's better" sighed Mavis "Now....what's that about the library chair?"

See you back here on the 14th mwahahahaha....
Enjoy XXX




    I just love Mavis. Her wild ways (and her tummy) always promise mayhem.

    I can't wait to get back to the library!

  2. Yes! The gangs all here and ready to read their next creepy adventure... Keeping an eye on that door and will wait with biscuit scented breath 😁

  3. Hahahaha! Yes! Chocolate biscuits must always come first!! Looking forward to the post-biscuit instalment! :D

  4. Such fun from an incredibly talented lady. Go girl xxx

  5. Yay for flowing juices! lol. Can't wait to see what happens next. Hope they find some blood biscuits for that sad vampire.

  6. "Yes...CHOCOLATE BISCUITS!!!!" :) I love this story!!!