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Friday, 24 February 2017

Take time to think...

Today's Prompt from A Dash of Sunny is
pen a poem based on a conversation with a friend...
let us be humane in difficult and dark times.

My piece is very short...
and based on a brief conversation with my youngest
who avoids the "world" as much as possible.
He is good at Math, but I have never found it relevant...
yet it was math I used to try and understand what is going on right now.
His query...
"Why do people who claim to be for Peace and Love
 now think it is ok to Hate and Hurt others?"

"Maybe they believe a negative + a negative = a positive"
(Though personally that is a concept I find hard to accept)

Respect for others

If you don't have any
I don't have any
the only Whole that is created
is a dark one.



  1. This is a very thought provoking post and your son raises a good question. I love the poppy image you've used ☺

  2. Oh this is so beautifully poignant, Gina ❤️💖 indeed if one can not abstain from hurting others than he has no right to claim to be on the side of peace and love. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.❤️💖

    Lots of love,

  3. I can relate to your son... and that was a good answer though like you I don't see how it adds up to anything but emptiness.

  4. There is certainly a difference between math and reality! Sadly so many people in the world do hate each other hopefully your youngest will understand that loving each other makes for a happier world.

  5. Nice juxtaposition of image and poem, since the flowers in your image are Crown of Thorns and your poem ponders the equation of tolerance and love

    much love...

  6. Your son brought up one of the age old questions, difficult to answer. Your poem is an apt description of how conflict happens and the key to change. Your son is fortunate to have a compassionate Mother :-)

  7. A question alive in the entire world today, it seems... So many killing and destroying in the name of peace. Love your answer, Gina love. And your poem is a perfect representation of your thoughts in the issue... and of mine, too.

  8. The world is very cruel right now! Love your piece!

  9. Gina, this is very powerful and so truthful!!! I love the image! Big Hugs!

  10. Short works well. I think the brevity makes the simple truth in this stand out all the more strongly.