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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The harsh light of day...

Welcome to my offering for 

It is the final instalment of 
Abigail's adventures with the Moon Daisies


"Well...going on the state of his hands and the heavy muddy boots... I'd say that Vampire IS the Woodsman" said Stewie as the three friends peered around the door frame into the library.

"You really think so?" queried Abigail.

"I would concur" said Mavis. "Maybe he was bitten by the Daisies..."

"I was bitten but haven't turned into anything scary" replied Abigail with what may have been a slight pout.

"True, " said Mavis "but he must have been bitten many times over the years...look at what happened to me after biting them."

"Or" interrupted Stewie "he was already a Vampire and the Daisies got crazier after biting him!"

"Does it really matter who bit who?" snapped Abigail. "We have to help him. I know the Bluebells told us their version of events, but nothing in their story justifies the punishment he is still suffering!"

Mavis and Stewie took a step back.

Abigail had made a decision, she was walking into the library, toward the sleeping Vampire.
Before Mavis or Stewie could stop her she was tugging on his sleeve...

"Excuse me" she spoke quietly and calmly.
On getting no response she tugged harder.
"Excuse me sir"she said again, slightly more forcefully.

"Abigail!!! What are you doing???" hissed Mavis.

Abigail turned to her friends who were still hiding by the door way.
"He's a sad sad Daddy... and I'm going to give him a hug."

Mavis felt her jaw hit the floor as she and Stewie stood frozen in horror.

Abigail turned back to the sleeping creature.The brave-hearted little girl then climbed up onto his knee, put her arms around his neck and whispered "Wake up's going to be ok..."

Stewie felt the tears welling up in his eyes. He felt he should be screaming and pulling Abigail away to safety, but something was holding him back, something was telling him it was OK...just as Abigail was telling the huge beast...everything was going to be OK.

The Vampire stirred...his sad expression was softening, and he looked somehow friendlier, if a little puzzled. His big scary hands reached around Abigail...and this was the moment Mavis passed out.

Stewie was made of tougher stuff, but he couldn't help a shudder as the Vampire slowly opened his bloodshot eyes to look straight into the face of the helpless child.

"??? Abigail???" whispered the still sleepy monster.

"Yes's me"

And the huge scary Vampire turned into a sobbing, sniffling mess of a man in front of the still mesmerised Stewie.

"It's OK Daddy...I've come to get you...Mummy found me ages ago...we've been waiting for you, but you hid yourself in the Darkness. You were so busy being angry you forgot about the Love. I have come to take you into the light."

As Stewie watched on, Abigail took her sad Daddy by the hand and led him was so bright and sunny...and we all know what happens to Vampires in sunlight...

"I can't come out there baby...I will burn and go to Hell because I was careless to lose you..."

"You don't go to Hell for being heartbroken ... only your outer self will burn...I will hold your hand and we will walk in the light together."

Stewie felt the rush of happiness as the dark vampiric shell fizzled away, and the Daddy and his little Angel walked across the sun-bathed garden...and faded away into nothing.

It was many hours before Mavis woke up to find Stewie, still sniffling, snuggled up against her.

"What happened?...where is Abigail?" she asked quietly.

" won't believe me..." he sniffed in response.

As the pair walked out onto the gravel path they felt both sad and happy at the same time.

"So Abigail was a ghost..." said Mavis, still trying to understand.

"Apparently" replied Stewie." I did sometimes wonder why such a little girl was hanging out with us,
and why her parents never came looking for her at night." Stewie continued thoughtfully. " I think Abigail had blocked out the horror of her own demise...and it wasn't until the Bluebell's retelling of the fateful night that she began to remember... and not until she saw his sadness did she recognise her Daddy and why she was here."

" I suppose it does explain why she was always so drawn to the garden..." began Mavis

"...and fascinated by the Daisies" finished Stewie.

"I hadn't thought about that" said Mavis " I dead too?"

"Don't think so" answered Stewie, playfully flinging a rather large acorn at her.

"Oooow...that hurt!"

"NOT DEAD" said the ever practical squirrel. " I guess it's true that animals are just more open to spiritual communication. Abigail had been gone a long time and needed friends to help her find her Daddy that's all."

"Wow" said Mavis "I'm still green and flowery though...what am I going to do now?"

" I guess we could always hang out in the Bluebell wood..."hang out"...get it?" he taunted, and Mavis chased him across the lawn, playfully nipping at his heels.

The end
(for now)

Enjoy XXX



  1. Ohhhhh, this brought tears, then smiles! I have loved, loved, loved this story. You wrought such a wonderful ending! I will be looking forward to more of your stories, sweet one!

  2. Oh, you wicked woman, you! My heart was in my mouth from the moment Abigail first talked to him, and during the walk... dear goodness, how bittersweet. But there is rest. And rest is so good... in the end.

    1. I'm sure Mavis will bring you smiles again :D XXX

  3. it is good to believe in Daydreams, A very pleasant Vampire Day !!

  4. *sob* Nothing works better than a poignant surprise amidst all the whimsical humour. ♥ I hope we haven't read the last of Mavis and Stewie!

  5. Now you illustrate and write, so a book or series is in the works I'm sure! Your nieces would love Aunti's Art & humour& HUGE imagination" xDebi

  6. Awwww!!!! Love!!! "It's OK Daddy...I've come to get you...Mummy found me ages ago...we've been waiting for you, but you hid yourself in the Darkness. You were so busy being angry you forgot about the Love. I have come to take you into the light." Gina this is so special!!! Big Hugs!!!

  7. A bitter sweet but such a lovely ending to the story. Ok I hold my hand up I had a few leaks in the eye but it was all your fault Gina. So happy that she found her Daddy, the family will now be whole again.

  8. I adore the drawing of Abigail and her Daddy. Their ending was so beautiful it made me cry. Then Stewie made me laugh. Such a wonderful emotional roller coaster. Thanks for attending the Soiree again!