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Monday, 13 March 2017

Long time no see...

Sorry for the lack of blogging last week, 
hubby booked a week off work*extremely rare occurrence*
Last time I saw you I mentioned ribbon storage...
 tis now full and on my sewing desk
*already more than in this pic lol*
 Much easier to find that perfect match now :D
It is a "build it yourself" unit from 
Stamps Away...doddle to put together
and fun to decorate :D

My Bestie turned up on Monday with a pressie.
She found this glass dome at christmas,
 but was too poorly to do anything with it
*also she was struggling to give it away lol*

She made the black sparkly rose and motto for inside
and I love it...AND
she made it removable cos
"I thought you might want to put other stuff in it through the year"
# knows me so well :D

While Hubby was pacing about we/I decided to join 
and the first place we visited was 
which was AMAZING!!!!

 I took 155 photos*which I will spare you for now*
We went right up onto the top of the tower...
and this was looking down lol.

I have also been busy sewing...
new cushion covers and a new bag...
 which is reversible!!!
*Steampunk fabrics from C&C*

And then yesterday we went to 
I went in the 70's on a school trip.
In those days we couldn't go inside,
 but could climb up the walls lol
 Now it is the other way around,
which is fortunate
 as I don't think I would have survived
 climbing up the wall at my age :D
*yes we went up on the roof of the tower*
All in all a very enjoyable week,
even if having hubby home for 10 days
 was like babysitting a hyperactive toddler.

Now he is back at work I shall be enjoying the peace and quiet 
and mostly cross stitching.

Thank you Virginia for constantly spiking
my desire for adventure :D

Enjoy XXX


  1. I will always forgive you... when you show up with pretty ribbons, a delightful flower, and castle pictures! Awesome.

  2. Great storage idea, my ribbons are crammed in bags and boxes lol. Love the out and about photos and it looks as though the weather was kind for you. Looking forward to seeing more xxx

  3. You have been busy girl! Love your ribbon storage! Your special gift is truly you! Fantastic creation your friend did for you! Love the cushion cover and bag!! Thanks for the pictures of your travels!! So cool!!! Big Hugs!

  4. Ah you are very welcome - adventure awaits us around every corner, we just need to sometimes go out and find it!

  5. Love your storage my friend its awesome. Also I too need some adventure. I need to get hubby to drive though lol. xxx