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Thursday, 30 March 2017

The story continues....


I wasn't afraid for myself. I just knew that if my dogs got out they would not be a match for such a powerful beast. I was just about managing to hold the door closed against it's attempts to get in.
I was still struggling with whether it would be best to actually let it into the small confined space of the entrance hall, and hope my weight was enough to pin it, or to call hubby for help, when he opened the inner door to see what I was doing.
In the same instant, the pounding on the door stopped.
I swear I heard the low soft growl of the panther as it walked away.
Hubby just looked at me...eyebrows raised.

"A Wild Cat...a Lynx...AND a Panther?" he queried very calmly. I couldn't decide if he believed me or not.

"Yes...I even picked the Cat up!"

"But you don't do cats...they make you itch. Why would you pick it up?"

"I held it at arms length...." I was starting to question my own actions now, and turned to watch my dogs playing happily in the garden.

"It's not that I don't believe you...but I didn't see any of them, and the dogs don't seem to have noticed anything unusual either."


I didn't get much sleep that night. Each time I dozed off I was awakened almost immediately by the low mewling call of a cat.

"So what you planning for today?" Hubby asked over breakfast.

"I'm going to tidy under the hedge at the bottom of the garden." I said too matter of factly.

"So your hunting then."

"Not exactly, Just checking. I can't shake the feeling that something is down there..."

"Ok... that's my cue to leave." laughed Hubby, kissing me quickly on top of my head as he left for work.

Boots on, spade in hand I headed for the darkest corner of my garden...yes "MY" garden I kept telling myself. This is "MY " garden...nothing lives here without my consent...not even a Panther.

I had of course realised by now that there wasn't an actual Panther living in my Privet hedge. The forms I had seen, smelled and touched must have been spirit messengers. But there was definitely some new energy encroaching on my personal space...and that was unacceptable.

My earliest memory of seeing spirit had been as a small child, trying to tell my mother that there was a Tabby cat in our flat.
I had seen it looking at me from the clothes cupboard, watched it walk along the corridor miaowing, out into the balcony room. But then it was gone.
My parents thought I wanted a cat and bought me a Tabby, but she didn't stay around for long...I don't do cats, they make me uneasy...I don't trust them.

With these memories running through my mind I began raking around under the Privet...nothing but dead leaves and twigs....and then...the sound of metal on metal.

Crouching down I searched carefully,  There shouldn't be anything metallic in this part of the garden. Maybe Hubby had dropped one of his tools?
As I cleared the soil I could just make out the corner of a box, sticking out from amongst the tangled roots of the hedge.

to be continued
Enjoy XXX



  1. Oh Gina.....a cliffhanger, my very favorite kinda story. I'm ready to read on, this is very good.

    1. Tomorrow I shall add more...just for you :D

  2. Fabulous next chapter........ have a great weekend xx

  3. I love the relationship between the main character and her hubby. I grinned when he pretty much knew what she was going to do without having to be told.

    I can't wait to see what the hunting, I mean, "the checking" will bring. :-D

  4. Gina, this is fantastic!! I can't wait for more!!
    (I will write soon! Big Hugs!)