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Friday, 21 April 2017

I must Protest...

Every April Magaly asks us to join her in a bout
This year her theme is 
"Protest and Outrage"
I have spent the last year*like most everyone else online*
listening/reading other people being SOOOOOOOOO
outraged and feeling the need to Protest on an hourly basis about one thing or another.
Some genuinely deserving of support...some *in my opinion* not so.

As someone who voted differently to others..
and having opinions that others may disagree with
*like any other free thinking human* ...
I have felt isolated and angry at this flood of abuse and bile spouted freely
under the cloak of "free speech".

You don't know me, any more than I know you.

Two of the most soul destroying comments I heard/read...
"any one who voted Brexit should have their right to vote revoked"
and more scary still, from a member of the House of Lords when challenged 
that it was their(The Lords) duty to enact the will of the people
"Yes, but sometimes the people make mistakes,
 and on those occasions it is up to us to correct them,
 and educate them so they vote the right way"

I voted one husband another...we don't fight over it.
We are not outraged by each others right to an opinion.

Ode to Passive Aggressive Liberalism

I am OUTRAGED at your outrage
that I dare to disagree with "you".

I PROTEST your protestations
that I do not understand "Your" plight.

How could someone "like me"
ever feel "your pain"?
Being so privileged and so white.

Well I've been homeless.
I've been hungry.
I've grieved the loss of a child.
I've been bullied for being different.
Felt despair when Politicians lied.
I've taken part in marches
 to preserve the status quo.

But if I ask "you" if I've any rights
the simple answer's 

Feel free to be's your right,
but stop confusing 
"Offended" with "Offensive"
it just makes you look and sound pathetic.



  1. I am in love with the title (and sentiment) of your poem. It reminds me of how I feel about the feelings of religious people who don't understand why other religious people (who don't share their beliefs) get so angry at being make to look like they are less. It makes me think of the friends who are angry with me because I have not stopped being friends with people who voted for the US Orange Infection, even when I disagree with said voters' views. Protestation and outrage are all well and good, but when our "so righteous rage" makes us forget that the world wasn't made for us alone, then our efforts turn to shit. And we all know that all shit stinks.

    I really, really, really love your poem.

  2. Oh Gina, this is such an incredibly touching write. One which all of us can resonate with. Your pain and outrage is so tangible that I literally have goosebumps. Especially like the closing lines.

  3. Me must all stand together or surely we shall hang separately.

  4. have made me cry. Not from being said but with a sense of shared knowledge. I feel what you have written, I appreciate what you are saying with words I literally have in my heart and head. Fabulous voice. Your last lines are so filled with power. Thanks my friend. Oma Linda

  5. I completely agree with you, Gina! We live in dangerous times when people are shouted down or called stupid for raising concerns, or asking questions, or having a different opinion. The two extremes of the political spectrum are just opposite sides of the same coin. Without the freedom of open dialogue, and the exchange of ideas... we are doomed.

  6. Hear, hear, you express the whole concept of freedom of speech so eloquently, this is very poignant post, emotional and extremely well written. Thank you Gina.
    Have a wonderful weekend xxx

  7. Dear Gina, your piece is so well-articulated and heart-wrenching. It's really sad that some people (especially online) abuse the freedom of speech, and choice. And so, I agree with you: You must protest, and we all must protest for a respectable exchange of ideas.

    This is an accomplished piece. Love that opening stanza, and I appreciate your openness and boldness.

  8. Balls out awesome Gina! Love it, love the sentiment, hate the bullying of those that make informed decisions & thrilled you & hubby are example of WTF we are confident and stand by each others right to vote as we see fit!

  9. So so true! There is a whole lot of difference between offended and offensive. My husband and I often disagree, but we work through it.

  10. You are brilliant Gina! I love this! We can stand together!! I really love the picture of you! Big Hugs!

  11. Very poignant and powerful!

    "have felt isolated and angry at this flood of abuse and bile spouted freely
    under the cloak of "free speech"."

    Sadly, this is true here on my side of the pond, too. Civil discourse is as rare as a unicorn, and it makes me despair of a brighter future. You, however, glow like a star before the dawn. Thank you.