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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Finding My Star...

There was a free online class running last week 
with the amazingly loving
*who is now taking bookings for her Layers of Light course*

 She guided us into the "right mind set" before starting our art
and talked us through choosing what we could use.
The class was called "into the Light" focusing on 
"following your North Star"...
so this board was perfect to work on lol
 Gathering supplies...
 and inspirational photos...
 and wet stuffs....
 and inks...
and then listening to Laly when she talks about
 "decluttering" your supply stash lol

 Obviously it would be wrong of me to do a step by step as 
this is now a paid for class, and not sure that I have 
finished with this piece just yet...
 but this is where I am in my journey right now...
 reconnecting with that bright star I used to watch 
at night in my youth, dreaming of my future.

Remember to take time out for yourself  sometimes
and remind yourself of the magic of a twinkling star :)

Enjoy XXX


  1. The texture looks so alluring. Who wouldn't want to touch that delightful play of dark and bright?

    Love your closing words.

  2. Your painting is beautiful and its ethereal. I have had some issues so was unable to follow along. I have all the emails and have watched two of them. I will at some point come back to this i hope so keeping the emails. x

    1. The class goes off line from this Friday so please go and download the ebooks right away so you can follow at your leisure XXX

  3. Breath taking!!!! Remember, we are that shining star! Big Hugs!