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Thursday, 14 December 2017

Playtime...junk to jewels

This week a long time friend introduced me to the 
wonderful world which is
INA SOLSBERY's Youtube channel!!!
and I was instantly drawn to an old video she
made turning large buttons into mixed media pieces.
I don't have any large buttons...
but I do have a stack of pre cut 1 and a half inch
diameter circles :)
I glued 3 circles together in layers to create thicker discs....
 and while they dried I scavenged for broken bits. 
 A quick coat of white gesso and book page gave me
a starting surface to glue bits onto...
 which I then coated with gesso again.
 Next a layer of grey craft paint and dry brushed black
 Nearly left them as they were at this point...
but pushed myself to add drippy inks...
 Golden Bronze paint....
 Bead gel...and black Stickles!!!
 OMG these were fun!!!

 Difficult to photo due to their "shininess"

but so full of yummy texture and detail :D
They will make fabulous embellishments for other

Enjoy XXX


  1. This is seriously cool. And like I told you on Facebook, they look so yummy that when I saw them (without the process) I thought they were holiday cookies.

  2. Gina!!!! I agree with Magaly, these are seriously so cool!!!! Well done! Big Hugs!