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Wednesday, 14 February 2018


It may be day 3 of LeighSB's Dark Valentine Hop...
but it is also 
for this post I will share a secret....

"What's inside the box?"
is the question most asked about just about any box
anywhere ever :D
The box I have in mind has made 2 appearances in my 
life so far....
Firstly in a short story I wrote

and more recently as an altered art piece

but in neither case were the contents revealed...
so before I do...a little ditty...

A Vampyric Lullaby:
(commonly sung by Vampire Nannies)

A Tisket....A Tasket...
A Coffin or a Casket
Wherever you choose to make your bed
Be sure to never lose your Head.

The World's a danger from the start,
So mind your careful with your Heart.
It's just as precious as your Head.
If missing either you'll end up dead!

So flit and Fly my sweet young thing,
Above the clouds on silken wing.
Breaking Hearts if they but ask it...
I'll keep yours safe...
inside my Casket!

 need a closer look?
Well seriously....what did you think I would have hidden
in an old Valentines...buried under the privet????
I do like to stay true to the old ways mwahahahaha...


  1. Fabulous altered box....eeeeek on opening the lid! x

  2. OMG!!!! How fabulously creative you are! Lovin' the poem, gorgeous box and EEEK, is right! That heart looks so REAL! xxD

    1. Went back and read the beginnings of the story, too. You should be published. xxD

  3. I hope the " thumping" doesn't keep you awake! hahahaha!
    Be well Be safe! xDebi

  4. I just knew someone had stolen dear Poe's "Tell-Tale Heart". I mean, I have pulled all the boards around the house--wall and floor--and found nothing. Even the sound was gone. So glad that bloody muscle found a precious box to beat in.

    Love the painting and the box as much as the poetic reminder--we should never forget that the heart and head are a team, one never does well without the other.

    Happiest Vampire's Day Soiree, my Gina love!!!

  5. I love your lullaby and heart! That's way better than a box of chocolates. Happy Vampire's Day! ^♥^

  6. I really enjoyed the lullaby! As for the box's contents, I at first thought that Cthulhu in there. Lol

  7. Totally needed to find out what's in the box...

  8. Oh, my! ❤ ❤ ❤ Be still my heart! ;D The lullaby, the box, and its contents... FANGTASTIC!!!

  9. Happy Vampire's Day for yesterday ^❤️^ I had a vamptacular time meeting new vampire fiends ;0) Now for your offerings, oh my goth, the poem, the box, the heart, fang-tastic!!!!!

  10. Woohoo, a Vampyre's Horcrux!!! Great thinking, awesome lullaby, it nearly pout me to sleep - at 10am! Wish I'd known about the Soiree.

  11. Absolutely brilliant - the poem and the box! Happy belated Vampire's Day, Gina (I'm late to the party as always). 🖤

  12. LOL! Yucky! EEEK! LOL! You are brilliant Gina!! This was fabulous in every way! Hope you had a great Valentine's Day! Big Hugs!

  13. Fabulous altered box - the inner elements made me smile!

  14. ACK !!! The heart box is mind blowing. Such a realistic filling hee hee xx