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Tuesday, 29 May 2018

The Monster on my back...

 is that I am afraid to fail....
so a quick piece for 

Truth be told I forgot all about this fabulous event
but Annie sent out reminder emails lol
So hurried photo and a bit of a poem..

Scary Stairs?
While families sleep without a care
It slowly creeps upon the stair.
Dragging covers from the beds,
Hanging, Breathing, over heads.
In the cupboards, behind the drawers,
Rattling windows, creaking doors.
Invading dreams with tales of woe,
Turns the air as cold as snow.

Dark secrets feed the Monsters heart
And help it grow right from the start.
So when you go to bed each night
Protect yourselves with Love and Light.
Cleanse your Souls with honest prayers
And chase that Monster from the stairs.

Hope you find time to share a little "creepy" 
even though it is so sunny out :D
Enjoy XXX


  1. Well, I'm looking at my staircase with all new eyes now, Gina!:D As always,love your creepy composition!

  2. Gina love, I absolutely love the rhythm of this poem. It made me thing of "The Bells", by our adored Poe.

    About the poem itself, well... failing (and falling) are terrible monsters, always present, always creaking...

  3. I love this! Perfect rhyme.

  4. Oh, yours is actually the opposite of mine! Or at least a different perspective on a similar idea.

    I love the rhythm of this - I read it aloud and found myself chanting it, my voice rising as I went on with the plodding, plodding rhythm as if it were the monster itself coming ever nearer - a perfect scary nursery rhyme! And that stanza break is amazing - just enough time for me to catch my breath and settle down as the poem takes a slight turn - the volta, if you will...

    Oh, I just love everything about this poem!

  5. Oh oh oh creepy …. is this what you meant I should join in with Gina ? xxx

    1. No the one in my side bar...for 31st...

  6. Love this! Stairs are my nemesis! lol. xx

  7. That was creepy as hell 😱 I love it.