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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Well Summer arrived suddenly in Yorkshire lol

So after all that grey coldness we woke up to this
on Friday..WOooHoooo!
 First things first....
 Then an awful lot of garden tidying...
 Bunny got her first trim of the year.
 Poorly Manthing got some fresh air in the shade...
 *though Buster was desperate not to share the hammock*
 while Poppy prefers to "lounge" :D
 2 days from bud to full bloom the Crab Apple is smothered
in blossom...
and then a new arrival.
 18 and a half years old "Sadie" is back to stay.
She is my Mum's dog who we re-homed after Mum 
had to go into care. Unfortunately her new owner got
taken into hospital on Saturday and will also be going
 into care, so his daughter asked if we could take her in.
 We spent yesterday fencing off all the ponds/waterhole 
as she is almost blind and fell in twice,
 which meant she had to be on the lead all the time. Now she
can come and go as she pleases :D
Busy weekend , but took time to chill...
 Hope you are enjoying whatever Nature is throwing 
at you right now XXX


  1. Well, I am glad you all got some fresh air and nice weather :-) It's already very hot here in Greece x

  2. I love the flashes of summer, the sight of all your loves enjoying the yard... And most of all, I love that good old Sadie has a safe environment when she can be happy. That is such a blessing.

  3. What a great post Gina! I love seeing all of you enjoying the weather and your yard! Enjoy gardening! Sadie is so precious! Gina, I love your tats!!! Big Hugs!

  4. That garden looks fabulous but hard work, glad you managed to sort the garden so that your new addition can meander.

    I love bunny - amazing!

    Hope you have a great weekend