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Monday, 18 June 2018

Brazen Bee

When I'm not making anything for a DT post I like to play...
and lately I've been using die cuts to make embellishments.
This "brassy" Bee was the result of a happy accident
 and will be using it on a future dt project :D

I have this awesome "bee" die and decided to layer it
up and heat emboss it...
 which meant putting all the bits back in the bottom layer lol.
 *was playing and forgot to take inprog shots*
I coloured the bottom layer with promarkers,
heat embossed the top layer with crusty gold embossing powder
(mixture of metallics and black from previous playtimes),
sandwiched the plain layer between the two for added depth,
 then poured clear glazing medium over the whole piece.
The intention was to create a shiny/enamelled brooch effect...
BUT I have a messy desk...
and 3 tiny pieces of charcoal got into the mix
(you can barely see them)
 as the gel dried the black spots grew and ruined 
the whole effect.
Undeterred I changed things up, too interesting a piece to waste.
 Added lumpy orange/red/yellow acrylic paints...
and got a rusty looking metal finish instead :D
 Now what to mount it on?
3 inch square chipboard...
 black gesso through netting...
 rollered on white gesso...
 trusty "Golden" Bronze paint
 which when you add water separates to give you
added to bee too...
 and I have a yummy, shiny..
 texture full panel for my bee to crawl on :D

long post but hope you enjoyed the experiments :D


  1. I love experimenting like this and love how awesome your experiment eventually turned out.what a beauty !!

    hugs June x

  2. Some accidents look extra glorious!

  3. Masterpiece.
    Thank you very much for your comment in my blog - it makes me very happy. I didn't know about this song - "lilac Wine". I have already heard the performance of Nina Simon, John Legend & John Mayer, Jeff Buckley and
    Miley Cyrus - Wonderful!

  4. Happy Solstice Gina, its been a beautiful day too. hugs and blessings wished for you my friend xxx

  5. Looks fantastic Gina! No accidents! All brilliant! Happy Summer Solstice!