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Friday, 18 June 2010

I love my Dad!!

CJ at Cowgirl Up Digital Stampen Ranch, produced so many lovely images this month for father's day it's taken me ages to decide which one to use!! I got down to 2 and decided to use both of them, the main image"Dad n Me" and the other"Cowboy" for the insert. I printed the png image over a photo of the lane my Dad always walked us down as kids.
Now my old Dad was a farmboy,coal miner,building worker and factory hand during his working life, but through all these things he is a true "blue jeans" Cowboy! He has a wide collection of Lp's containing artists such as Hank Snow and Earl Scrubbs etc. He is where I get my "union membership" with the sun from (one out all out haha!), if the sun is shinin' so's my Dad:) Apparently, in 1960, he embarrassed the whole family by running along the beach at Blackpool in just his swimming trunks screaming to the sky "Please God, make me black like Joe Louis!!" He spent the rest of his life thus far giving God a hand by liberally basting himself with olive oil anytime the sun so much as peeks from behind a cloud. But what can you do, he still has that mischievous glint in his eyes, and a never ending supply of inappropriate jokes to tell when my Mum isn't listening.
In the words of Mike Harding (folk musician) "It's hard being a Cowboy in Rochdale, the spurs don't fit right on mi clogs! It's hard being a Cowboy in Rochdale... cos people laugh as I ride past, on our Alsation dog!"
Never stopped my Dad tryin' though hahaha!
Love as always Gina x x x


  1. Gina i think this is wonderful and so sentimental what a fab idea to put the image over the lane you all used to walk down i just know he is going to cherish this card forever xx

  2. what a gorgeous card and fabulous tribute!!!! you are a good daughter!

  3. 0ohhh... Lovely card for your Dad.

  4. Oh Gina

    He is gonna LOVE it!!!! You have sure put a lot of thought into it and I love the story of your Dad on Blackpool beach... bet whoever saw it are still talking about it nowadays LOL!!

    I don't live too far from Rochdale (about 16 miles), in fact I used to live there a few years ago LOL.

    Sarah x

  5. What a fabulous tribute to your Dad he will love

  6. Simply Gorgeous! I am just lov'n all of the fabulous cards that you create! Love benig on the CGU~DT with you! So much fun! You rock!
    Queen La Rubba

  7. This is awesome Gina what a great dad you have he will adore this card.
    Lorraine x