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Saturday, 19 June 2010

What I do with Collage Sheets!

As some of you know I have 2 blogs. This one for cards, atc's scrapbooking etc, and another for what my hubby calls "art for arts sake". It is still papercrafting but the pieces I make are a little more sereal. For this challenge we have to produce a piece of art 3"x5" with the theme "blue and White". The background. butterfly and fairy are all cut from Dezinaworld collage sheets (yes I did cut out the fairy with scissors, she measurse 1.5 inches in height!) All the pieces I make are A6 or smaller(down to 1"square, yes cut out images that small!!). I can use these pieces for card toppers or altered art projects, but at the moment i just keep them to look at haha! Collage sheets are a great resource for paper crafting with all sorts of image styles, I just like fairies haha! You can print of a whole sheet to have ready or crop the individual image you want with your graphics programme. You can check out my other blog here if you like , but please be aware some of the pieces have a "heavier" vibe.
Love as always Gina x x x


  1. you cleaver girl Gina, your Fairy really looks like she is walking, i think the whole thing is beautiful. my sister-in-law also loves Fairys
    she would absolutey love this.
    Babs x

  2. Ohhh this is so exquisite and thanks also for showing just how useful collage sheets are. I just printed one of my dezinaworld sets out this morning ready to play with, lol if i ever get time hehe,
    you are an angel Gina,
    hugs June xxx

  3. OMG.... another stunning card. I just love love this... you make awesome cards girl

  4. Good grief girl, I'd be crosseyed cutting out that winged beauty! This is gorgeous Gina! :)

  5. wow I didn't know about your other blog i am now following i had a browse through and omg you are soooooooo talented with these collages i am so proud of you you are amazing xx

  6. Very coooool Gina! Thanks for sharing. I love to collage!

  7. AMAZING! Lov'n this! WOWZA! So Gorgeous! Ilove how it is so dark , yet ellegant! My teens wake me up too! LOL! Drive me crazy sometimes but htey were angel babies!