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Friday, 1 July 2011

Rocking my world this week are...

A celebration of lovely moments in my week with Rocking Your World Fridays

I think everyone knows now that I'm a bit of a tree hugger, I find the natural world fascinating beyond belief, so when I spotted a puff ball fungus growing at the bottom of my garden I was thrilled. And today I measured it at 6inches across!!! Can't wait for it to pop open, the picture should look like something out of an alien movie hehe!

A second fascinating occurrence in the nature thing is those fishy foot spas that have appeared in most shopping precincts. So yesterday I tried one......

IT WAS SOOO COOL!!!! like sitting with your feet in a bowl of fizzy champagne! The fish don't bite, they actual feel like they are kissing your toes...wicked:D

The word Darcy gave us this week for our journal page was ALLIANCE. Now I tend to avoid making alliances(present company excepted). I never join gangs or groups, as after a while I start to feel that people try to control and change me. Once upon a time I belonged to a very honourable group of people, then they started telling me who I should or shouldn't associate with. My parents never picked my friends, so I sure wasn't going to let anyone else and I walked away.But this allowed me to study and research things for myself, and I am in a very happy place now :D

So this is my take on alliance. The swastika symbol is in mirror images, because originally it was a symbol of great love and peace. Then the Nazis "reversed" it and used it for it's opposite meaning. So I try not to react to "holy" symbols, just judge the individuals by their behaviour.

On a lighter note, some of you know that hubby is getting made redundant next week...well...He's been driving me nuts, applying for jobs on a daily basis, and the upshot is he had his 1st interview on wednesday, and got the job! WAY TO GO HUBBY!!!! So all in all a seriously rocked week :D


  1. Ah now that's what I call a serious Rocking Your World - absolutely awesome stuff - way to go hubby - love the puff ball and way to go on the fish feet experience and I sooooooooooooo know what you mean about controlling people - I know my own mind don't need nobody telling me what to do which is why I love my bloggy friends that absolutely take me as they find me and appreciate me for being just me!


  2. what you don't join gangs?
    but i can practically envision you in like full street gang regalia. :)


  3. ohoho! and you could do a drive by in your fo by fo.

    maybe people don't talk like that over there and i'll have to decipher 'gangsta talk'

    it's easy.
    it's like jive, but violent and scary.

  4. I love your take on this theme and can follow your thoughts.