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Friday, 15 July 2011

What Rocked my world This Week?


Firstly, hubby finished his present job, so he has been home most of the week(hence fewer blog posts!). I'd mentioned that this was the first house we'd lived in that had no scented roses in the he took me to one of my fav garden centres(Bamford in Derbyshire) and bought me 5 new rose bushes.. all different and all beautifully scented :D

Then on tuesday, my day lillies started to open...They are actually bright orange, don't know what happened with the pic? The flowers are about 6 inches across :)
Then there has been the joy of working on Darcy's page prompt this week, which was the word PLEDGE. I had to rummage through my memory box to find this(totally private and confidential) note I wrote to hubby when we first met(1982)
Don't know if you can read it.....but it is a truly heartfelt pledge I made to him on the day I realised he was the one!!
I couldn't really use it for my journal page, so it is back in the treasure box(see I can do soppy ;p)
I redecorated the bathroom on tuesday as well....well actually I was spray painting more colours onto my jacket....and the bath needed cleaning anyway.
And to round off a wonderful week...Chunky Monkey was presented with a certificate from school for outstanding achievement in MUSIC !! None of us play instruments so this was quite a surprise. He did ask for a keyboard a couple of months ago, and from a start point of zero, he has reached a year level of 3b, which I am told is very good!!
Well Done sweetheart, you are making me one proud mum!!!
So, What's rocking your world this week ??


  1. Ah hun fabulous post, the pledge post was an interesting read, I haven't yet done mine yet but working on it so it was brilliant to see your take on it! The jacket is looking awesome (although I don't envy the idea of cleaning your bathroom if your spraying is anything like mine LOL). And WTG hubby for going and helping you buy some beautiful scented roses - fabulous stuff! Hope you have a beautiful and blessed week ahead!


  2. What a fabulous list! Well done to hubby for the roses and little one for the music.
    Had to laugh at your "decorating" the bathroom - it's the sort of thing I do - did you know that gold alcohol ink does not wash out of tablecloths?
    Hugs xx

  3. Wow, sounds like a lovely week! Well done Chunky Monkey on his musical achievement.

  4. WTG Chunky Monkey (love that you call him that, I'm assuming it isn't his real name?!). Love the letter you wrote to your other half - that's, er, quite a commitment you made there, girl.......!

    BEAUTIFUL day lily!

    Have a great weekend,


  5. wow! that is one letter..I love it. Had to chuckle at the serious style of it.

    I am a bit excited about next years journal lol have to keep reminding myself there are 6 months left of this one haha

  6. Fabulous post Gina you made me smile.

    Love your new blog background.

    See you next week, love Lynne xx

  7. Brilliantly well done to Chunky Monkey :D

    Fab post - love your redecorating technique ;)

  8. fabulous news all around. love, love, love the roses. i grew up in a house surrounded by roses - red ones, pink ones, peach ones, tea roses and... i developed an allergy to them. just shoot me!!!!

    hugs :)