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Monday, 1 August 2011

2nd post...Totally forgot...

Don't freak at my ancient blessings, I don't when people wish me Happy Christmas!!

Today is the celebration of Lughnasadh(luffnasath) or Lammas, when we give thanks for bread, and the ripening fruits of the land and begin the gathering of such.

It is also a time of reflection, as we mourn the dying of the sun(shortening of the days), and think back on what we may have/or will sacrifice in our lives to ensure a fruitful future. Whether it be our time, energy or material things, what do we need to do to protect those around us in the darker days.
Today I will be making a blackberry and apple crumble with the fruits from my garden(I have cheated and bought crumble mix, lifes too short), the 1st one of the year. It is also the start of "jam making season" in my house, or Autumn as most people call it :D

I hope your day is filled with love, that will carry you through the darker days ahead,
May your cupboards never be empty,
And may your heart be ever happy.

I ask that the Love of the Great Mother wrap around you and yours, and that the Lord of the Wildwoods bless you with wisdom and strength

Blessed Be :D XXX


  1. now this is beautiful. i can almost taste that bread!

    happy (whatever) day it is.

    hugs sweetie (yeah, i keep trying to make you laugh). is it working?????

  2. Thios sounds wonderful I love making jam, I wish i had more in my garden. I saw some one blackberry picking on the side of the road yesterday and this also reminded me of delicious treats of Summer in the Winter ;0)