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Saturday, 6 August 2011

WOOHOO!!! My week just got ROCKED!!

Didn't think I was going to have anything nice to blog this week,
But hubby just surprised me with "oh by the way, we are going on honeymoon on monday"
We have been married for 25 years(anniversary was in april), and something always crops up to stop us going out to celebrate, so he and the kids, and my friends have been scheming and booked a short stay near Warwick Castle sqeeeeeeeeeeel!!!
I have always wanted to go there :D
We didn't have a honeymoon, because we got married during the pit closures (hubby was a pit fitter). I never minded, but this is going to be so cool :D
Shorty is home, and my bestest friend is going to keep calling by so that Cunky Monkey doesn't stress too much( he's never away from me much)
Will take loads of pics to show/play with :D XXX

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  1. omg! that is the best news i've heard in ages! he's a keeper for sure! 25 yrs??? holy moly!!!

    hubby is holding his own. it's so sad to see him and him not being able to speak much when he ALWAYS HAD TO HAVE THE LAST WORD. i got up for about 4 hrs and then come home. once a day is plenty. it's very tiring for him and NOT cost-effective for me.

    thank you sweetie for all your support. you keep me sane and smiling!

    hugs :)

  2. Have a great time Gina and can't wait to see what you do with the pictures. :-) xx

  3. Ah that's fabulous news hun and definitely worth a Rocking Post!

    Hope you have a fabulous time!

  4. Its great to hear some good news these days Gina, belated congratulations for your anniversary and I hope you have a great time
    Claire xx

  5. Congrats to your anniversary and I wish you'll have a great honeymoon.

  6. oh! I'm excited for you. I am so happy that you get a honeymoon! Neat.
    25 years is really an occasion and i'm really glad that you get to celebrate the day together in total honeymoonnesss :)


  7. Ohhhh Congrats my friend !!! Sounds like a wonderful honeymoon break and you so deserve it. enjoy, i cant wait to see the pics
    hugs June xxxxx

  8. How nice! Have fun on your honeymoon. :)