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Monday, 8 August 2011

Scary Stuff!!!

I think I've already mentioned the free ning class Amy is running at Flutterbye (it's the Inside Out group), to encourage us to have a go at self portraits.........Well this is my 1st proper attempt.
It took me a week to build up the courage to take my own photo haha :)
I started by trying a pencil drawing to get the features in something like the right place...(I have saved this image onto my computer so that I have it as a base to work from for future pieces)
Then I tried building up more character and detail....scary eyes or what??
and finally messing around with layers of colour and paint and more pencil...
Feel free to laugh, not happy with the final result, but thats what experimenting is all about. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but I still have the original image to try again, and I do like that image(though it does make me feel really vain to say that :S)


  1. That is what i do also. I save a template on my computer and then i print it and experiment. Sometimes all i want to do is doodle on it, but it still helps me place my features.
    I think the nose is always the hardest part.
    I shine a light on one side of my face only and snap a photo. Try looking at that. (scary i know - mine always look horror film-ish) but it's sort of helpful.
    The top drawing is awesome, by the way. Awesome.

  2. gotta love that makeup!!! (colors). you are by far prettier than this picture tho the image is fabulous and way better than anything i could ever draw! i'm proud of you!

    hugs :)