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Friday, 12 August 2011

Rocking my world this week...

This week my world was TOTALLY ROCKED!!! by my hubby and boyz, who (with the help of my friends) secretly arranged a 2 night stay at the GLORIOUS Ardencote Manor Country Club and Spa :D (smiley face doesn't do justice to how stunned I was.....I cried!).
And yes I am blatantly plugging this place!! The Hotel and Spa staff were so wonderfully friendly(and didn't laugh at me for bursting in to tears at the check in/when having a pedicure/checking out)

Our room was the dorma window in roof, overlooking the lake and grounds, and I know I'm being really gushy, but in the 29 years we have been an item, me and hubby have NEVER had any time away by ourselves(we are soooooo going to do it again!!!)

A country drive took us to Warwick Castle...Always wanted to go there and I was definitely NOT disappointed :D (took 200 photo's haha!)
Then on tuesday afternoon, we found this amazing treasure of a house, Packwood House . It is a National trust property, and has to be seen to be beautiful inside and out(this is the back door!!)
On the way home on Wednesday, hubby even let me drag him round the Bosworth Battlefield centre, which has a new archeological display(and they now believe they have discovered the actual field where the battle took place!!)
Add to this; 1 manicure, 1 pedicure and an eyelash tint..... and you get one TOTALLY ROCKED, HAPPY, SMILEY Gina :D XXX

(Not a very good photo, but hubby kept messing about :D XXX)

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  1. Ah bless you you sound like you had an absolutely awesome time, so glad you managed the break away and you must make sure you do it again WTG hubby for thinking ahead and I don't blame you one bit for being emotional!

    Hope you have a beautiful and blessed weekend


  2. How cool is that! What a wonderful hubby and boyz you have. I would have cried too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  3. Sounds like you had a fantastic time Gina, you deserve it!! What a lovely hubby and boys you have :-) K x

  4. Ohhhh Gina its soooooo good to see you back and I am almost in tears for joy for you ... what a wonderful wonderful break you have had. it sounds amazing and looks it too.
    Thanks also for your lovely comment at Dezina. I hate just taking photo's off peoples blogs even though you gave me permission but i wondered if you might send any you have (just whenever you come across them ) that you think i might be able to use in my sheets i sell ? If so, I would be delighted as i often just change them lots and then use them as backgrounds or as collage pieces. Thanks so much for the offer my friend, You are a gem.... and yep ... we did miss you
    hugs June x

  5. Wow, how cool, it sounds like fun and joy. Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos and impressions.

  6. Wow ! How special you must be for a lovely treat like that. What a gorgeous place the pics are great. Yes, you both look great too.

  7. The spa FANTASTIC! First time in 29 years? No wonder you enjoyed yourself! Top husband (and friends) for organizing this event for you. I've wanted to go to Warwick Castle for EVER, I really must put it on my Bucket list. Packwood House, Bosworth battlefield etc etc - you've got lots of reasons to be Rocking Gina.

    Have a great weekend,


  8. OH hubby did good!!! What a beautiful place. Was there a special occasion? You look very happy and I think that photo looks fine. Sometimes the not so perfect become the perfect!

    Also wanted to let you know The ABC challenge will be back!!! Check out the blog for the update

  9. oooooooooooo, i'm coming to your place - lol!
    sounds like you had a fabulous time and i would have cried too.

    you and hubby look fab-u-lous!!!!!

    good thing i don't live near you, between the 2 of us we'd give everyone hell!!!

    FYI: put those snotty little bitches of clyde's in their place. are they ever in for a surprise! they GET NOTHING and even if they try to scare or sue me, I STILL WIN! yaaaaaaay! they can rot in hell!

    hugs :)

  10. Sounds like you and hubby had a wonderful time! 29 years without time away???You both certainly deserve this trip. I hope you have scheduled the next one already. Hugs, Barbara

  11. This looks like the best time and the first time of you and hubby to be away *swoon* I love NT properties so much all that history and actually walk where others have yep pretty cool. here's to you and hubby and many more times away together (Insert big huger smile face here)

    Love Dawn xx