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Monday, 22 August 2011

Still no craft desk so see my tats :D

Still haven't had time to do any crafty arty stuff, but I have ordered my new tattoo, so I thought I'd show you the ones I have so far.
I know some people don't like the thought of tattoos for one reason or other, but I see them as another form of art..using your skin as the canvas.
Apparently there are people in Japan who will buy your skin (after your dead) to display the artwork forever! I think this is cool, though I understand many more of you would not ;D

My 1st tat was a present when Hubby got his 1st "Job in a suit" June 2006
The colours and neverending design represent the circle of life, and the healing qualities of the natural world...
followed in July by a matching design on my back....

This one , on my left shoulder, represents a shield boss, my protection against harmful things...
and was my birthday present march 2007

New Years eve 2007/2008, and I asked for a matching bracelet on my right hand(yes my tat guy worked New Years Eve!!!). The buzzy bee with sting is a representation of me/myself and I, working constantly for the good of the hive, yet beware of my retribution....mwahahahaa......

the bracelet continues right around my wrist, with sectioned twists and knots, showing how life is not always as straight forward as we would like to believe.....

and the last I had done was this "Spiral Moon Gazing Hare", which I drew myself (on my right calf) and represents the spirit of the earth, sitting by my side wherever I go in life.
I had this one done for my birthday March this year(needed to test my pain threshold after the surgery thing was fine ;D)

So, there they are...waiting for my newbie...which is going to be awesome...on my right arm/shoulder(sword arm,protect or destroy????).
While we're waiting, here are a couple of picks of Chunky Monkeys "tats" he came home from school with earlier this year. We did have words.......but I think they look so cool

they apparently represent Chakra points???

Gotta love this kid :D XXX
Linking to The Butterfly Effect (where all art is welcome)


  1. Lol! Love the tatoos. YOur Monkey is gifted. :) Uf, you have so many. I only have one and been thinking about the second one for about a year now. I just can't think of a good design to go with. I absolutely love the hare you've drawn.

  2. ACK!! i LOOOOOVEEE these!!!

    that spiral hare is freakin' FAB...and i love all the knotwork....


    i really love how they all have, balance, inspiration, faith....

    have i mentioned i love them?


  3. chakra points!? groovy kid.

    my fave is the spiral hare!

  4. i have a dogwood flower on my ankle and a shooting star (but looks more like a mandella) on my right forearm. i'd LOVE a bracelet but was told my veins are way to close to the surface of my wrists - bummer.

    i love your tats!!!! all of them.

    nope. not touching that decoupach. not my type of stuff. i've got lots of redesigns in my head and my neighbor & son will help - IF i decide to follow thru. i was gonna make my 2nd bedroom my craftroom - a little bigger, but then do i need MORE stuff???? sooo, i'll do a good cleanout of my craft room which will give me lots of new space and keep it and the 2d bedroom as is. well almost, i'll be getting new furniture for the 2d bedroom. of course this all stems on me hitting the lottery which i never play - haaahhhaaahhhhaaa

    hugs sunshine!

  5. I have a couple of tats too but never where they can be seen obviously unless I want them to be seen. An no way as pretty as yours or as meaningful.

    Love Dawn xx

  6. Totally in lurve with your tattoos, I only have 2 small ones and would love more.

  7. If my Hubby liked them, I probably would be covered in tattoos...I have 2, dragonflies...they're my totem animal.

    I love the colors and swirls of your designs...big, and still so feminine! Love the idea of chakra points tattooed on...haha!

  8. How wonderful, beautiful tattoos. Greetings.