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Sunday, 11 September 2011

Another Rocking week!!

So much of last week was stressy, and even more stuff was awesome :D
Couldn't get near craft desk or laptap because of dust and muck and other peoples needs(whining and moaning done!)
But Friday came, and my bestest friend picked me up to go visit the Sheffield Archives, who had an open/behind the scenes day. We got to go in the vaults and ooow, aaah at the stacks of old papers and maps and stuff.
And then we were shown the repair room(not it's proper name , can't think of the word right now cos I'm rushing) where we were shown how to repair old documents and rebind books! Well cool!!
Saturday was a babysitting day, and my baby sister finally got over her "no images on the internet" paranoia, soooooo.....
here are a couple of pics from the ream I took of the kids at Yorkshire Wildlife Park :D

Me with 19month old neice.....

Her favourite thing in the whole park? The Rope!!!

And I was thrilled when Chunky Monkey asked if he could hold her. He has always been to worried about hurting her to play with her, but she is a mighty mouse(that could end up being her web name)
Looking forward to sharing all the scrapbook pages I've done of her :D
So it's Sunday! Had to go to shops with hubby for diy stuff...and as we're passing Hobbycraft...he says.... why don't you go in for a look round? !!!!!!!!!
So I pick up some stuff to share later, and as I'm leaving....he says....."see that drawing desk at the entrance...would you use one of them?"
Aaaaaaaaarrrrrrgh! I've wanted one as long as I can remember, you know the ones that tilt!(£95, reduced from £190)
"Well that looks a good price, do you want one?"
Aaaaaaarrrrrgh! again DO I WANT ONE?????
So he bought it me..........and no he isn't for sale :D
The lengths men will go to, to get us to tidy the bedroom hahahaha!

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  1. ROFL...what a fab husband you have Gina!!! Actually suggesting you go into Hobbycraft and then buying you a!!
    I know he's not for sale but are there any more like him at home???
    Hugs xx

  2. Ah that's a fabulous list can't wait to see the scrapbook pages that you are now able to share. The desk sounds great - lucky you! He's obviously a keeper!

    Hope you have had a great weekend


  3. Hi Gina, Your niece is adorable! Glad that her cousin now enjoys her. To just get time to browse in Hobbycraft is awesome but a new desk>>>WOW. He definetly a KEEPER. Now you can show us your new projects!! Have a wonderful week.

  4. SO jealous! Can't you just rent him out?

    Fabulous list and gorgeous, gorgeous piccies :D