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Monday, 5 September 2011

YAY! I started my Sketchbook!

Don't know if I mentioned this before, but I signed up for next years "Sketch Book World Tour".
I hadn't heard of it before, and you have to pay to join in, and you have to donate your finished book to the Library when the tour is done...but I like sharing so I joined.
The idea is to create your own book of art, that the organisers then travel round the world with, and show to other people(travelling library style), so lots of artist/ordinary folks get to show and share their own style of art. There are a few limitations (durability issues) as your book will be handled by lots of people(hopefully:D), but style and content is up to you.
I chose the title "It's summer where you are", but that is just a starting point

You receive a blank sketchbook roughly 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 inches, craft cover and bar coded label with your details on back

There where too many pages for me, so I glued them together in pairs. This also strengthens the pages, but becareful not to glue the whole book shut :D

I also found the blank pages a bit intimidating, so I messed them up with some Tim Holtz inks(broken china and peeled paint)

Yet again I 've used my dad for inspiration, total sun worshipper as you will see :D
I printed some photo's off to use in the book as jumping off points for my hand drawings, and I though this one made a perfect cover piece :D(you can see the bar code thingy on the back)

pre prepared some photo images for inside the book....

Inside book pages all messed up with ink(blue sky/green grass )

Then glued pics in place on alternate pages, so book will be double spreads of memory picture with sketches of things I associate with it...

And started doodling on the cover( the words are an old song we used to sing as children when going on a road trip)

I've also written a verse, so I can insert lines amongst the pictures. Not sure if words are allowed, but if I weave them into the pictures they might let it count(there going in anyway).

You still have time to join up if you'd like. You have to sign up by the end of October, and the finished book has to be posted back by Jan 31st 2012

I'm really going to enjoy this project, and by keeping a record I will still always have the book to look at :D XXX
Linking to The Butterfly Effect (of which this project is a great example :D)


  1. Good luck with your project! :) Summer is full of inspiration so no doubt you'll have lots to put in there.

  2. Fantastic idea, sounds to be a wonderful project.

  3. Gina - this is amazing! I can't wait to see the finished project. I love the pictures.


  4. now this is SUPER CREATIVE! i am sooooooo proud of you. love it and a little jealous. i can't do anything like this. but it's nice to know you can and i can enjoy looking at it. GREAT JOB, GIRLFRIEND!!!!

    hugs :)

  5. I love the work in the SB 2012 journal - I got 'nothing new' (random)

    i am hoping my dolls fingers are mobile too so i create gesture poses that will make eyes water....


  6. hi hot stuffs.

    i cannot find your email so i am being creeepy and asking you here:
    or unicorns
    or undecided?


  7. I'm soooo zombie, not glamorous enough to be a unicorn haha!