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Friday, 2 September 2011

Sky watching,Moon gazing and more bargain furniture!!!

This week has been awesome for so many reasons.....
The week started with an amazingly blue sky(when it was supposed to be raining!!)

view across neighbouring gardens(facing east).
Proper fluffy white clouds :D ...

Then, on Tuesday, loads of crafty goodness arrived in the post, though these were totally surpassed by the awesomeness of my new "garden ornament" Gaia the moon gazing Hare....

She is just soooo beautiful (by Kathleen Minton, Spirit of the Green Man), even hubby thinks she is too pretty to be left out doors, so she will be living by the fireside(not too close obviously)

and then more bargain furniture!!! Upright armchair(barely used)

and matching rocker £90 the pair!!!......

and a lovely wood framed 2 seater sofa £75!! I prefer 2 seaters as the men folk just lay down on 3 seaters and they become 1 seaters. Chunky Monkey tried, but ha! Failed!
So my home is getting steadily tidier, my hope is to be tidy and comfy by the time winter comes....I know .....dream's a real home not a show home ;D
Also Hubby started his new job this week, will let you know how that goes, I know he is looking forward to the new challenge :D
So how was your week?


  1. Great list Gina! I'm in awe of your bargain hunting skills - good idea too re the sofa. :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  2. hi. i love the chair.

    shit i want new furniture.

    okay i don't. i don't care at all. but my manperson Does care and he wants new furniture.

    what the hell is wrong with the furniture that we have? that's what i want to know. but he thinks we need new furniture.


    maybe he is having some kind of midlife furniture discontention?

    your manperson's new job: exciting!


  3. Gaia is so sweet, I couldn't keep her outside either! Great furniture, and yes, 3 seaters become a battle ground of feet and legs, so great choice to go for a 2 seater (although I don't see much sharing going on in the photo!).

    Good luck for your husband in his new job!


  4. Fabulous list hun, the furniture you've found recently are amazing and that gorgeous little wooden statue is awesome, hope you have a fabulous weekend!


  5. Delicious with some exquisite color photos. Wonderful sky.

  6. Blue skies and little white fluffy clouds yummy and your bunny is yummy to ;0) Dxx