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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Blessings at Mabon! (2nd Harvest)

Today I wish you all a bountiful Harvest of love and health to carry you through the coming winter :D

Mabon/autumnal equinox/harvest festival is a time of balance, and the feast of the Healer/Bringer of Justice.
It is also the time when in past eras prisoners would be released from captivity(you didn't want to be feeding them through a bad winter)

Whatever our belief system, we all should give thanks for the safe gathering of the harvest...we all need food :D
It is also a time to ask for healing in our lives, to make us strong for the coming winter. This could mean many things, including the metorphorical healing of old wounds, allowing us to move on in our lives with a happy lighter heart. Try to let go of feelings of regret and sadness, they are not good bedfellows on long dark nights. Instead hold dear thoughts of joy and love(they are not just for christmas!!)
Give thanks for the joy our energetic children bring us, and the smiles of our contented elders.

A short prayer;

At this time of balance and healing, I ask the great Mother Godess(feel free to insert the name you worship) to give those of us with the will, the power to heal this world.
Let our wishes be for joy and happiness for all.
Let the harvest be bountiful for all nations in equal measure, and let rage and hatred be tempered with mercy.
I pray you guide the hearts of those holding others against their will, and that they be allowed to return to their families unharmed.
I give thanks unending for the glorious harvest in my life. For 2 strong sons, and a truly loving husband. And especially for the love of good friends, always in our hearts no matter the miles between us.

Blessed Be/Amen



  1. A wonderful card. Thanks for the good wishes, same to you :)

  2. A gorgeous card and what a lovely

  3. Beautiful sentiments sweetie - thank you and to you as well!

  4. amen sistah!!!! beautiful card! the purple is fabulous!

    my neighbor is giving me her treadmill. she doesn't use it - yay me.

    hugs :)

  5. Lovely illustration, I like, pretty colors. Thank you very much for your nice wishes.