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Monday, 26 September 2011

Sharing a girlie moment...

Now I am perfectly aware that, generally, I resemble a startled rabbit. Startled by the fact that it's just been dragged through a hedge backwards and mauled about by hungry foxes.....
I've never suffered from "other peoples"opinion syndrome, but today the sun was shining and I was alone and relaxed. There was a free appointment at the local hairdressers(which I was passing with 3 bags of shopping.....and I thought "why not!!" So now I have "Grown up hair"!!!

Not sure how long it will stay like that :D They put "stuff on it to make it behave (after beating it into submission with a brush/dryer and straighteners). I think it's in shock haha!
I do like it, just don't think it's the real me...though my mum sisters and aunts will all love it.
I feel like I should change my clothes for a suit ;S


  1. Loving the new look Gina!
    Hugs xx

  2. The new hairstyle looks greatGina
    hugs sarah x

  3. i love the new 'do.
    i love the startled 'do.

    my hair would never behave either. ever.
    dreadlocks suit me just fine because life is too short to tame hair.

    you're a natural blonde?
    that is INSANELY unfair.



    p.s. nice cleavage :)

  4. See my hair will never do what I want it to, but when my hairdresser says Jump,

    my hair says - how high?

    my hair looks good once every six weeks, when my hairdresser has it tamed...

    maybe I shoudl show my hair a phot of my hairdresser every morning,

    by the way I prefer you startled rabbit style - the grown up hair look s just that - grown up...
    and I think you might really be a big kid?


  5. Hi's been forever since I stopped by to visit anyone, and when I saw this post I had to say hi! The new 'do' is super cute, and very grown-up of course. hugs, Kimberly

  6. I like the before and after. We have made it very well, just missing a small smile.