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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Amy's Interview Questions

So, while the men folk are playing on Chunky Monkeys new Guitar Hero, Warriors of Rock complete band kit...oh yes, drums and all... I thought I'd sneak away and do Amy's interview :D

1. what is your name and stuff? and any other good information. like bank account details.

My name is Georgina Morley, though most people know me as Gina/aunty George/Aunty G
I am a SAHM with 2 boys and 1 hubby. I am a Wiccan/Pagan and have many tattoos in Celtic green and yellow design (healing and wisdom and life energy)

2. what is super hot about you? <--- don't you Dare skip this one. answer it.

I refer you back to the tats, though I have always been able to control men with the assistance of my cleavage :D

3. don't lie or cheat: what is under your couch right now?

I was going to say nothing, as in I hate stuff being stashed under furniture, but I better check....
No. there is nothing under the sofa, but there is a large football shirt in frame, and both hubby's lap tops behind it!

4. when was the last time you shaved your legs?

Mmmmm? Oow! Last saturday, as we were going to the beach. Don't shave much in the winter as no one sees them, and to be honest I don't have much of a problem with body hair

5. what did you have for breakfast?

Normally 2 slices of toast around 10.30( I like to get up and get on with stuff), but today I had crumpets with butter and home made strawberry jam mmmmmmm.......

6. if you could choose a new name, what would you name yourself?

Nice one, but I'm quite happy with my name. Georgina is a word from the ancient greek used to refer to farmers Geo-earth, Orgina-Lover. As a teen I told people it's literal translation, which made me an "Earthly Lover", but it actually made my full name "Farmer Brown" :D

7. have you ever had plastic surgery?

No, but I wouldn't flinch if offered a tummy tuck. Don't mind getting old and wrinkly, but struggling to regain control in that department

8. are you afraid of the dark?
No. Infact I can see better in the dark. My eyes are very light sensitive. I even wear sunglasses in the winter!

9. are you a hermit?
I SOOOOOOO want to be! Can't understand people who aren't happy in their own company...if you don't like being with you, who else will?

10. why do you blog?

I started blogging after surgery. Had to keep still for 3WEEKS Aaaaargh! No gardening or anything, so my bestestist friend Jane came round and introduced me to blogging. Now I just love meeting all you lovely people, that I would never have met otherwise:D

Hope you enjoyed this bit of silliness :D if so why not pop over and link up with Amy and do her interview?


  1. hehehe. i love this interview!
    i'm super envious of your cleavage.

    if i ever get plastic surgery, i am totally getting boobs.


  2. great interview! Thanks so much for coming by my blog. Amy's blog is so awesome bringing people together. Hope you are having an awesome weekend!

  3. If that's true, there is nothing like a good neck to do what you want with a man. In Spain there is a saying that says two tits draw more than two carts.

  4. oh i did love it. i don't have problems with body hair either. i think i shave maybe once a year!!!! and i hear ya on the tummy tuck. even an a** tuck wouldn't be bad - LOL.

    and you're my private witch. i just love ya to death - well not quite death anyway.

    hugs :)