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Friday, 7 October 2011

Happy memories :D

I was determined to get a post out this week for Rocking My World Friday, as it is Chunky Monkey's 13th birthday :D
My little baby is a teenager!!! He's had the attitude and hormones for ages, so his age has finally caught up with him haha :D
I was rooting through my photos to find the earliest one of him to use in this post....and found these...

I know they are not technically photos, but what the hay! He looks like the cutest little alien ever(well that's my opinion anyway)
So the biggest thing rocking my world this week is that I grew my own alien, and he is still a cutie haha!

I am also amazingly grateful for the glorious day we spent at Cromer(Norfolk) last Sunday.
We knew the weather was going to be nice, so we set off at 6.30am and got there for 10.30am (we did stop for breakfast half way)

and had the beach almost to ourselves for the first hour and a half!!

Chunky Monkey had us swimming in the sea all day....English sea! In October!!
It was chilly at first, but fine once we acclimatised.
So a big thank you to the people of Cromer for keeping their beach so beautiful :D

We are going out tonight to watch the new "Johnny English" movie. Thank you British film makers for keeping it real! I don't care what the critics think about films, I enjoy going to watch silly, witty, classy British comedy, and Rowan Atkinson is one of the classiest we have the honour of taking credit for :D

So all in all a very satisfying week :D XXX


  1. ah Gina - Happy Birthday to your 13 Year Old - doesn't time fly!

    the day out looks fabulous at the weekend - look at those blue skies - can't believe swimming in the sea in October - crazy crazy weather!

    Hope you enjoy your trip to the cinema - said 11 year old has gone on and on and on and on about this for the last few weeks so I can imagine us heading to the cinema sometime soon - and we don't care what the critics say either!

  2. Aww hun Im such a bad bad follower but I thought I would stop in to say Hi! Love your Cromer pics we had a fab holiday there 6 years ago and the sea was cold in August then! Happy birthday Chunky monkey although i do suspect you may be in bed now - hope the celebrations continue over the weekend :0)Hope the cinema was goo d
    Janet x

  3. The sea side pictures look lovely - it was such a beautiful weekend, wasn't it? Bit different now :o(

    A teenager. Good luck! Love the little alien pics!

    I'll be interested to hear what you think of Johnny English - it's on at our local flick-house and was thinking of taking my 2 (bigger) teenagers. It gets mixed reviews so I'm not sure. I'm taking my daughter to see The Lion King in 3D today, we both love it!

    Have a great weekend,


  4. My lot all want to go see Johnny English - I never listen to the critics. Some of my favourite films have been panned.

    How surreal to be swimming in the sea in October eh? Mind you there is a bunch of locals here in the newspaper every year for taking a dip on Christmas day! Regardless of the weather! Brrrr!