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Friday, 14 October 2011

For those about to rock....

Get a Guitar Heroes, Warriors of Rock complete kit!! Ha! Having great fun with Hubby and Chunky Monkey :D Thouigh I think I'm going to need glasses(or practice while they're out).

I decided to open up the main room again this month,( as in, take down partition wall), so I need to say a huge thank you to hubby and Chunky Monkey for their tolerance of me :D

This gorgeous little creature turned up on our doorstep monday night. I am so thankful for this. It has been 6 years since we last saw a hedgehog in our garden. It doesn't look big enough to over winter yet, so I've bought in some cat food just in case it needs a boost.

Amy has chosen Masks as the theme for next weeks Butterfly Effect , and look what I found while tidying the bookshelves this week...
so a big thank you to me for being a clever little book hoarder :D

And then there's Steve my tattooist..
I tell him what's in my head, and he creates. I wanted my new tattoo to represent me, strong, protective, female, but watch out for my temper mwahahaha.....

The she-wolf is my totem animal, so he drew her bursting forth to attack and defend, and I love it!!! :D



  1. Wow your new tattoo is amazing!!!! Loving your list as always, and how gorgeous is that hedgehog we love them when they wander through our garden but they have been fewer in the last few years!

    hope your weekend is truly Rocking!

  2. Beautiful hedgehog is good for that at home no mice. Hope you Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Amazing new tattoo Gina! And such a cute hedgehog - small for this time of year so well done for buying the food. :)
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. thanks for your lovely supportive comments on my blog.

  4. Gina - what an amazing tattoo - it's gorgeous! I adore hedgehogs and used to have a regular visitor until last winter...........

    Anyway - lovely to visit your blog - I will be back.


  5. YES
    that tattoo KICKS ASS



    that's me typing very excitedly!


  6. WOW!!! Amazing tattoo, you very lucky to have such a fab tattooist.

  7. I can't stand needles so your tattoo brings tears to my eyes! Great representation of your personality. Lovely photo of your little hodge-heg - we've got at least one in our garden living under a wood pile. I'd like to put cat food out for it/them like you are going to do but our dog would eat it (the food and the hodge-heg too!) :o(

    Have a great weekend!


  8. Awwww love the little hedgehog! Don't see to many of them round here, see lots of foxes though and rabbits and pheasants.

    Love that tattoo, I often see people mention their totem animal. How do you find that out then? Very intrigued.

  9. How fortunate you are! I simply adore hedgehogs!!! The fact that we don't see them in my part of the world near often enough makes the mere thought of one tickle my fancy.
    A Big Thank You for posting our blog's button!!!!
    Enjoy your she-wolf artistry!

  10. Well lovely masks but the star of the post is the Hedgehog althought that tat is pretty close I have a few little ones but nothing reall with a WOW factor hubby has quite a few but nothing as large as this. Good artist interesting post Love Dawn xx