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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

A Story for Halloween!!

Magaly is hosting a Halloween celebration over at Pagan Culture, and here is my addition to buffet of disbelief :D

On cliff top waiting, the sea spray washing tears away.
A glimpse of sail is all I crave.
How many days have I spent, hoping, praying?
When, if ever, will this torment end?

He was only supposed to be away for a month. Just a short trip this time.
That was over a year ago now.

I know that men are notoriously bad timekeepers, but annoyance was replaced by fear many months back.

My first thought had been,"How could he be so casual about our forthcoming nuptials?"
My next had been, "What could have delayed him so?"
My third had been actions rather than words, and so, I raced to the cliff top, calling, shouting, sobbing. My cries answered only by those of the seabirds, circling above and below.

How cruel is life?

I promised to wait for him, but what of his promise to me?
He said he would be back. He told me to prepare for his return. So the dress hangs from my shoulders still.
They want me to give in to the obvious, but how can I?
The date twice come and gone, yet I wait, alone.

Others would have turned their backs months ago, but I am proud.
A promise is a promise, open ended. No "until"s or "unless"s were mentioned between us.

So I have waited, am waiting, will wait.
That's how it is taught in school. Past, Present, Future. He is all these things to me.

I hear people talking as I pass by. They think that I am loosing my mind....maybe I should change my dress? After all, it could do with a little repair work around the hem. It wouldn't do to turn up at the alter in rags now would it?
But it feels like a betrayal of trust. He told me to be ready!

I hear people calling,shouting, crying out!


I race to the churchyard to meet him.
The flowers are just beautiful....and the words on our headstone are being altered...



I wrote this years ago, can't remember if I blogged it before, but I thought it suitable for the All Hallows Grim Blog Party over at Pagan Culture.
The picture is acrylics/charcoal/indian ink, and a lot sparklier than this pic suggests. Her dress, hair and spooks are all stickled :D XXX

(Am posting early because I'm having a large tat on my right arm in the morning, better safe than late as my old gran used to say haha!)


  1. I bet that pictures is amazing in person because it is wonderful on screen. I get frustrated when my sparkle dosn't show up.

    Great story for the AHG party who cares if you "might" have posted it before. it is perfect.

    Wonderful AHG post!

  2. Oh crap, that tale actually made shivers run up my spine, spooky story, sad & SPOOKY!

  3. I love love love stories with art! I extra love it when it's yours!!!
    P.s. So! Pllleeeeaase show me a picture of the new tattoo!!!!

  4. I wanted to scream with her. I wanted to cry with her. I wanted to tell her no, don't change the dress he'll be back. Through your words, I saw her wild eyes challenging anyone; she knew he would be back...

    What a tale, Gina. You have a way with imagery and pacing. I loved how you only gave me a bit at the time, just enough to hook me.

    The ending made my heart beat faster. Great writing.

  5. Very nice! You were able to pull my emotions in as if I was the character waiting. The ending was fabulous as well!

  6. Spooky but wonderful love story and a fab page

    Love Dawn xx

  7. boy! talk about depressing!!! is SHE dead too? you're a riot!

    hugs :)

  8. Oh, I just love this. Anything with ghosts and seashores. I could just picture her, roaming the cliffs in her wedding dress...

  9. Great story and wonderful painting.

  10. What a beautiful painting and the story is awesome, I love it!!!Deb

  11. This is a grim and spooky wonderful tale. Your style is so gripping. I love it.
    Thanks so much for coming to read my story. I appreciate your comment. Oma Linda