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Monday, 31 October 2011

Happy Halloween!!!!

I didn't have time to make art or dress up this year, but I was determined to make a post for Natasha's Linky Party :D
So here is a pic of Chunky dressed for his friends party Saturday night......

and here are a couple of pics of my private alter space(don't normally show these so feel honoured :D)
The centre piece is a wonderful three sided photo frame hubby spotted one day and brought home for me. I drew my Lady in her 3 guises, maiden/mother/old one, and placed them into the frame. Now as the seasons turn, so does she :) Today she has changed from the mother to the old/wise one, often referred to as the Crone.
The close up is to show this fabulous little calendar I found at a car boot for 50p. It's an old tin tea caddie, cool!!
And this is the fantastic portrait Donna did of me on Saturday. I love this new colourful me :D
And she filled a bag with stuff for me as I was leaving....brilliant day!!!

So this is my "Dorian Gray" look for Halloween :D
May the Wise One watch over you this winter,
May the New Year bring you hope and happiness,
May all lost souls be found
Blessed Be xxx


  1. Thanks for coming to the party, Gina! :) Love your portrait from Donna and your Chunky's costume looks great. Happy Halloween! :)

  2. Happy Halloween, I loved looking at your treasures, what a great idea for the 3 sided photo frame!

  3. Such great drawings, costumes and vignettes! This Halloween Party is such fun ... seeing all this talent. Such inspiration. Your blog looks so fabulous .. all dressed up for Halloween. :o) Donna

  4. Happy Halloween!
    Chunky is a cute devil :))

  5. Happy Halloween! This was a great post (Love the Dorian Gray reference! Ha!) :)


  6. Love that Dorian Gray! Happy Halloween!

  7. Thank you for your altering space and the portrait is wonderful.
    Hugs xx

  8. All awesome! Thank you for sharing your private space, I feel honored!!! Happy Halloween! A little late of course but better to be late then not at all I always say !!! :)