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Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Pretty Flamingo :D

Freshly inspired by my day with Donna, I trotted off to the shops to buy COLOUR!!!
A lot of artists are using water soluble wax crayon for their background (I know, it doesn't sound right, but had to try them out :D)
Found these at the Range, pack of lead colour blocks £2.99(the stuff in the middle of pencil crayons)...
and a pack of 12 water soluble wax crayon by Reeves for just £5!!! The only ones I had found up to now where £10(much larger range colours wise, but a bit pricey for a trial)

They look just like bog standard wax crayons...

but just a tiny amount of water....and OMG!!! they blend beautifully!!!!

just seconds to get a fabulously colourful base to work on :D (try it out book loves them)

At The Butterfly Effect this week they have the theme "Art and Music". While waiting for paper to dry, I started making a "Desk Faerie/Angel" again inspired by seeing one on Donna's desk. She is quite PINK! so I named her Flamingo, which reminded me of the song by Manfred Man called "Pretty Flamingo", which inspired me to use my Martha Stewart Craft acrylic paints, the palest of which is called "Pretty Flamingo" :D How tenuous a link do you want haha! :D

So here is my "pretty flamingo" :D

The paint settled nicely over the wax, which didn't dry waxy?

Just a few dark strokes to give a little depth :D
And here she is with Flamingo the Flamenco Faerie :D

I'm trying to shorten the posts a bit, so I'll show you how I made Flamingo tomorrow :D
Enjoy :D XXX



  1. Gina, you are an artist after my own heart! I simply adored this project! For one thing, water soluble wax crayons (or oil pastels, as thy call 'em stateside) are so much fun for all kinds of applications, that this first trial of yours is just a chip off the tip of the iceberg.
    Lovely work! Your flamingo reminds me of spring--or that lovely scene in Out of remember, the one where flocks of the graceful birds are below Finch-Hatton's plane.......
    I think you've caught the essence of your bird beautifully.
    Now I have to try your background technique too!

  2. Wohow, I'm missing words, fantastic page.

  3. That's awesome! Your a wonderful artist. I wish I was so talented.

  4. Fabulous! I must try this for myself...your flamingo is so pretty.
    Hugs xx

  5. :))
    this is looking great!

    i love color!
    color color color!


  6. Hi Gina, I am so impressed by your beautiful flamingo! You did such a great job both with the background and the drawing. I always wished that I could draw. Keep up the great work. By the way..did you ever hear from Rachael?

  7. Beautiful bird! Great technique. I haven't tried water soluable oil pastels ... certainly not available here in Mexico, where I live. Looks fabulous. :o) Donna

  8. Gina this if brilliant! :) I totally love your flamingo!

  9. Delicious, with his flamenco dancer, I like colors.