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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Flamingo the Flamenco Faerie

as promised :D

Donna recently showed us a Voodoo Doll she had made from bits and pieces in her stash, and seeing as I had acquired so much extra stash this week(some from Donna, some from June at Dezinaworld), I thought I'd make a Desk Faerie :D

I selected beads and threaded them to make arms and legs...
then made the main body from a wooden butterfly(the original inspiration for the colour scheme), a bead,a large paper flower. The skirt is just a piece of lace and a piece of hessian gathered together with a running stitch.
I attached them together by wrapping thread around the butterfly before threading through bead/flower and skirt, then used the same thread to attach her legs.
Again I used thread to attach her arms, securing at the shoulders with clear drying glue.
Her head is a small polystyrene ball, painted with acrylic craft paint...
and decorated with tiny sequins and seed beads....soooo sparkly :D
I attached her head with fine wire, which I passed down through her head, through the ring on the butterfly bead, and back up through her head, so I could use the wire to attach her head dress (which seconds as a hanger!!)

I don't normally do pink and girly....but I love her... I think she looks like a Flamenco dancer..

she is my inspiration to be more colourful this year :D
Enjoy :D XXX


  1. she is beautiful and definitely a dancer,


  2. :))
    voodoo is good :)
    dolls are great :)

  3. Such a wonderful idea, great voodoo girl.

  4. Oh Gina this is brilliant, I love the colours too.
    Sorry I am awol, can't wait till Christmas when I will have some time back again.
    Take care of yourself.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  5. Magnífica idea, me gusta esa preciosa bailaora de flamenco con cuerpo de mariposa, excelente y muy delicada composición.

  6. Great idea, I like that beautiful flamenco dancer throttle body, excellent and very delicate composition.