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Thursday, 3 November 2011

The pages came in 3x3 hoorah!! hoorah!!

With only 8 weeks left, I am determined to catch up with my art journal pages for Darcy of Art and Soles 52 Pages for 20011.......did I just say there are only 8 weeks left of 2011????

Page 40: Invoke
As a pagan/wiccan I firmly believe in the power to call up help, and I also believe you must be extremely careful in what you ask for.......!
Stamps used by Marion Emberson (dandelion) , and Papermania Urban Christmas(Faerie)

Page 42:Direction
No matter how much fun it is to run round and round the mulberry bush...we must remember the dance leads to a purpose,i.e wash your face, get a job, enjoy your life ....:D
Stamps used: Large Bee from The Stamp Man, Hinge from Angel Company

Page 44:Spark
Something that is garunteed(that doesn't look right?:S) to light my fuse, is idiots discarding "hot stuff"(matches /ciggies/ bar-b-ques/broken glass) in open countryside, and not understanding the consequences. And to those who deliberately light forest fires...."woe on you!!!" :(
Mirri card "messed up" with Tim Holtz alcohol inks

Off to make more............:D XXX



  1. The pages are wonderful and the way you speak of them are even more amazing. It makes me think of the need of some individuals to use magic for every single thing in life. I know energy is every lasting, but the shape of energy changes and needs recharging, we must not exhaust our resources. Invoke when you really are in need, that way you won't lose direction and make mistake that will spar troubles.

  2. Just love your pages Gina but esp. like the way you've interpreted the prompts....
    Hugs xx

  3. Love the pages,colors are really lovely as are the thoughts.

  4. Wonderful pages, I especially love the invoke one.

  5. Truly a delight to this wonderful wonderful colors and composition. I like three pages.

  6. u sure u don't have (or want to have) a gallery? i am so awed by your creativity! absolutely stunning.

    hugs :)

  7. Wonderful, meaningful pages!!!! and I love the flamingo art and "pink" lady. well done!

  8. oooo my fave out of these 3 is the Invoke one, just love that dandelion , especially in the blue, very magical. Great sentiment for Direction too, I dont think kids today know about getting a job..or washing their face come to that...Spark is great, and so very serious. I just do not get thoughtless people, and it bugs me no end that they are the first to complain when something happens to them or their property.