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Sunday, 6 November 2011

A bit of coolness and 2 more pages :D

First a bit of fun :D Sent hubby out for some "light refreshment" in the week, and instead of wine he came back with beer!!!!
Oh! thinks me, but a change is as good as a rest, so enjoy :D
An hour later, hubby says " there is a reason I bought you beer instead of wine tonight".......oooow me thinks bad thoughts :D
"I thought you might want the bottle tops for your arty stash"
Now I'm impressed but a little confused.....til he held them out to me....

...a black crow and a bumble bee!!!! How cool are these??? And how cool is hubby that he even had those thoughts :D
So now to 2 more pages for Art and Sole's 52 Pages for 2011....
Page 34: TRIBAL
I'd love to think of myself as celtic, but can't find any ancestral links, in fact gone back 300years and haven't got outside a 70mile radius of wear I was born :S
Got some gorgeous Celtic knotwork stamps from The Stamp Man(Celtic Christmas collection, Virginia!!!) , and used the 5 point star as my starting point.
Chose 3 colours red/dark blue/gold and coloured and doodled....
was going to fill whole page as a tangle, but liked the "glowiness" the colours were making :D

The next is Page: 36 UNIQUE
I like to think I'm pretty unique...I like to feel different....I dress how I want.....and I WANTED this hat!!!!
It goes perfectly with my new woolly winter coat :D Amy! It has ears!!! And yes I am expecting a long cold winter :S The style of the page was inspired by Dawn of Journal Journeys, who's latest challenge is "New Look", so this is my new look for this winter :D

Enjoy :D XXX


  1. What a wonderful post!!
    WTG hubby!! - love those bottle caps.
    Loving your new winter look too - that hat looks so cosy.
    Hugs xx

  2. :))) bottle caps.
    i swear you have the nicest husband around.

  3. Your hubby's got dash, I must say! And lucky you , to be so in synch that he'll think of ways to treasure you with assemblage ephemera treats!
    Love the headgear! No doubt you'll stay warm as toast with it on, ears and all!

  4. I love those plates. Your star is beautiful I like Celtic design. Your new winter look is fun, sure you do not spend cold.

  5. Love your hat Gina. It will keep you very warm. How wonderful to have your hubby trained to think of crafting while purchasing beer. He's on your side! I love visiting your blog, you always make me smile. Have a wonderful week. Hugs

  6. Your hubby is so well trained and very thoughtful I love your Bottle tops ;0)

    I also love your new look Gina I am all for warm hats and coats and you look so snuggly ;0) Thank you for playing along with Journal Journey's Love Dawn xx

  7. :D Great idea of your hubby, those bottle caps are fantastic.
    Your celtic drawing looks wonderful, also your hat.

  8. Oooo I could do with that hat right now...I am freezing!!! Fabulous hat and page Gina and isn't you hubby thoughtful x

  9. Love those bottle caps, my son tends to buy those too, though he doesn't save them for me. I have to go hunting in the bin for them lol

    love the Celtic design, the glowy look is perfect. Really nice combination of tangling and negative space.

    Fantastic hat, love it!!! I have tons of hats, they dont suit me at all but I wear them anyway cos I like them, pus I like my ears to be warm lol